The abortion pill has become the most common form of abortion in the states since President Joe Biden removed the in-person dispensing requirement of the pill. Black-market abortion pills are also readily available from illegal and medically unreliable sources. 

The pill is almost as easy to get as Tylenol and just as easy to take. There are many cases in which the drug has been forced on unsuspecting pregnant women by their boyfriends. While Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortionists insist on the pill’s safety, countless stories are surfacing, telling a very different story.  

The sad reality is that there are many risks to taking the pill. If you are concerned about those risks, felt undue pressure to take the pill, or are experiencing regrets after taking it… you still have choices. Even at this juncture, abortion is not the only option. 

There is an antidote to the abortion pill. 

It’s never too late, even if you’ve already taken the first dose of the abortion pill. Abortion pill reversal is an effective method of preserving your baby’s life.

Women who have started the chemical abortion process often feel regret. If you’ve acted out of fear or frustration and wish you hadn’t taken the abortion pill, you should look into Abortion Pill Reversal, a safe and effective antidote. It’s essential to act as soon as possible, so you should either call Choices or speak to the reversal company directly.

You will be asked some questions, such as which pill you took and how long ago you took it, so the medical professional can figure out whether a reversal is possible. If it’s likely that the reversal will be successful, you will be connected with a doctor or clinic in your area that can perform the reversal. The cost varies depending on the type of progesterone used. However, the counselors at Choices Pregnancy Centers can help if you’re worried about your finances.

What Happens During Abortion Pill Reversal? 

The first step is usually an ultrasound, so the baby’s heart rate, placement, and age can be determined. Then, you will be prescribed progesterone, which you have to take either orally, vaginally, or via an injection. Most patients receive treatment throughout the entire first trimester.

The success rate of abortion pill reversal depends on the type of abortion pill used and how quickly the antidote can be administered. Initial studies indicate that the success rate is between 64% and 68%. The antidote increases your chances of a healthy, successful pregnancy.

What Are My Pregnancy Options in Phoenix, AZ?

Choosing to keep your baby just might be the most important decision you ever make. Here at Choices, we offer free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, so that cost will not be a deterrent. 

In addition to medical help, you can receive emotional support and take practical LifePath classes. These teach you how to best care for your baby during pregnancy, what to expect when giving birth, and how to manage life with an infant.

With abortion pill reversal, you can save your child’s life, even if you’ve already started the chemical abortion process. 

This antidote is effective and safe, but you will need to act soon. Contact Choices Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix to speak to one of our counselors and learn more.