The Arizona court of appeals issued a ruling Friday repealing the original 1864 law, criminalizing abortions. The new law says that doctors cannot be prosecuted for performing abortions. 

What does this mean? Arizona’s laws concerning abortion are hotly contested and are just as controversial as ever. 

A Quick Recap:

  • Arizona’s original law, created in 1864, criminalized all abortions except when the mother’s life was jeopardized. 
  • Then came the 1973 Roe V Wade ruling, which effectively overturned the original 1864 law. Thus began the reign of abortion, enforced for the past fifty years. 
  • With the overturning of Roe last June, pro-life officials sought to have the original 1864 law reinstated so that abortion would again be considered a criminal act.
  • Pima County, Judge Kellie Johnson, granted that request, and Roe was overturned in Arizona. Johnson noted in her ruling that the legislature has repeatedly emphasized that abortion laws enacted after Roe did not create a right to an abortion in Arizona.
  • Last Friday, the court of appeals issued a ruling repealing the 1864 law. “The statutes, read together, make clear that physicians are permitted to perform abortions” as regulated by existing abortion laws, the ruling states.
  • The court declined, however, to repeal the 1864 law. 

Good News and Bad

The bad news is evident and should be just as harrowing now as ever. Abortions are again given legal precedence in the state of Arizona. For a few short months, unborn children were permitted a reprieve, but abortionists again hold the upper hand in Arizona. 

What could be good about this?

The good news is that we did experience some victory, albeit temporary. What does that mean? It means success is possible, which is wonderful news! Nevertheless, it’s all hands on deck moving forward. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Don’t let pro-abortionists frame the narrative. They regularly lie without compunction or accountability. There is a reason they have a non-engagement policy. They refuse to debate or have the conversation because they know that their case stands on empty words, lies, and the graves of the innocent.
  • Don’t allow pro-abortionists to define the terms. It is not “their body, their choice.” It is literally and manifestly someone else’s body, an innocent human being that God loves. It is not about “healthcare for women.” Countless women who have had an abortion are suffering greatly.
  • Remember that God is still on his throne! He is reigning, and He sees and loves every child torn apart in the womb. Only God can bring about a victory so cry out to Him on behalf of the unborn. 
  • Don’t give up the fight. Again, the fact that we experienced a victory means victory is possible. But we need your help. We will not gain ground in the battle because of wishful thinking. 

Choices is on the Frontlines

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