As financial challenges resulting from inflation, economic recession, and other financial stresses are on the rise, charitable giving often takes a back seat. But what if you could support a life-saving ministry without spending an extra dime? The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit offers precisely that opportunity, enabling you to donate to vital causes such as Choices Pregnancy Centers while receiving a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state income taxes.

What is the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit?

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit provides a unique incentive for taxpayers to support qualifying charitable organizations. By donating to Choices, you can reduce the amount you owe in state income taxes or increase your tax refund by the exact amount you contribute, up to $421 filing single or $841 if filing jointly. Your donation comes back to you in the form of a tax credit, making it a cost-free way to support a worthy cause.


In other words, your gift is returned to you by the state of Arizona and costs you nothing!

How It Works: Four Simple Steps

Participating in the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program is straightforward:


  1. Donate to Choices: Your contribution directly supports Choices Pregnancy Centers, empowering us to continue life-saving work.
  2. Keep Your Receipt: Retain documentation of your donation, as you will need it when filing your taxes.
  3. File AZ Form 321 with Your Taxes: When filing your state income taxes, include Form 321 to claim the tax credit for your charitable donation.
  4. Get Every Dollar Back: Enjoy supporting a meaningful cause while receiving a full tax credit for your contribution.


The donation process has been streamlined to make it effortless for you! Free donations? Simple and speedy? It’s a no-brainer! Rest assured, your contribution will be put to powerful use. Choices is a growing and thriving ministry led by dedicated medical professionals committed to providing more than just medical care. We aim to bring Christ’s love to individuals navigating challenging circumstances, particularly those facing unplanned pregnancies.

Why Choose Choices?

Choices Pregnancy Centers have been instrumental in saving lives and providing hope to people facing unplanned pregnancies since 1983. Through a range of free services and compassionate support, Choices has impacted an estimated 10,000 lives, offering:


  • Free ultrasounds
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Counseling and education for both men and women
  • Low-cost STD testing
  • A dedicated medical staff, including a full-time OB/GYN
  • The Bridges Program, connecting parents with a support system
  • Emergency baby supplies


As one of the largest Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Arizona, Choices has served over 260,000 women, men, and babies, operating as a nonprofit community health center. Beyond medical care, Choices strives to offer emotional support and guidance rooted in a desire to share the love of Christ with those in need. Through compassionate counseling, practical assistance, and a commitment to demonstrating God’s love, Choices aims to empower women to make informed decisions while preserving the lives of preborn babies.

Take Action Today

If you’re considering participating in the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program or want to learn more about Choices Pregnancy Centers and their impactful work, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of people facing uncertainty, offering them hope, assistance, and a pathway toward a brighter future. Join us in making a meaningful impact through generosity and compassion.