In recent years, the pro-abortion movement has taken a disturbing turn, with some people going beyond merely vocalizing their support for abortion. Initially, when abortion became legalized, it was portrayed as an extreme measure taken for medical reasons or under extraordinary life circumstances. At least some measure of compassion for women was woven into the rhetoric surrounding this topic. However, a significant shift has occurred in recent years, with younger generations adopting a new outlook towards abortion.


Feelings toward abortion have transitioned from advocating for “safe, legal, and rare” to what we see today:

Today’s Pro-Abortionists “Shout Their Abortion”


“Shout Your Abortion” has become a rallying cry for pro-abortion activists, but recently, even shouting it is not enough. One recent protester, carrying a sign reading “FetuCider,” proudly portrayed a recipe on a sign for grinding up an aborted fetus and creating a “smoothie” with yogurt and other ingredients. Just prior to her abortion, another woman casually joked and sang about how she’s going to “kill it.”


At a college campus protest a couple of years ago, peaceful pro-life demonstrators were interrupted by students proudly shouting, “I’ve had an abortion.” This disruptive counter-protest featured girls dancing in the midst of a pro-life memorial consisting of 911 pink crosses, each representing a preborn life lost to abortion daily at Planned Parenthood clinics. Some even went so far as to describe aborting fetuses as their “number-one kink.” They chanted, “All the fetuses are in the ground,” illustrating a stark departure from the previous narrative of abortion as a somber and rare choice only made in necessity. 


Another movement that recently hit the pro-abortion scene is called “Jane’s Revenge.” Jane’s Revenge “is a militant, extremist abortion rights group that encourages and claims responsibility for acts of firebombing, vandalism, and arson in the United States. The group’s actions have targeted crisis pregnancy centers, a church, and a congressional office.”[1]

The Conundrum


This shift in attitude might make even some pro-abortionists uncomfortable. Singing songs about killing your fetus or putting it in a blender can be off-putting for even the staunchest pro-abortionist. But this reaction should give pause. There are a couple of points worth considering:


  • First, if abortion were truly no different than a routine medical procedure, as some argue, it would never give rise to this level of celebration, gratuitous language, and irate anger. If abortion were as innocent and benign as removing a bad tooth, no one would feel the need for flagrant displays of pride in it; it would not garner this level of reaction.


  • Second, no one would feel uncomfortable hearing someone sing about killing a tumor. If they were singing about getting a tattoo, painting their bedroom, or moving to France, it would not cause such deep disquiet in our souls. You may think them strange or that they are going overboard, but you wouldn’t feel a deeper level of discomfort and distaste if an abortion was truly just removing a lifeless tumor.


There is a reason these outbursts of irreverence strike a deeper chord in many people.

The Truth


We’ve all seen the ultrasound images of tiny fingers and fingerprints, and videos of a preborn baby’s heartbeat, eyelashes, hiccups, and squirms in the womb. We all know the truth. Pro-abortionists like to call it a fetus because it sounds like a neutralized bit of matter, but a fetus is just the Latin word for a baby.


Young people today are singing about killing babies, trampling their graves, and even eating them. If this behavior bothers you at all, then your feelings likely point to a deeper knowledge of the truth: abortion ends an innocent life. 

Considering an Abortion?


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