Advocates for abortion rights often describe the abortion pill as safe, effective, and legal. They argue that the associated side effects are minimal, likening the process to a typical menstrual period. 


Teen Vogue published an article a few years ago in which they stated that taking the abortion pill is “… like having a period. …While it may cause cramps and bleeding similar to your typical period, it’s a safe, simple, and noninvasive way to provide reproductive care. [ACLU attorney] Grant said that the abortion pill is “very safe” and “very effective,” adding that the vast majority — 93 to 98% — of people who use it need no medical treatment or follow-up after their visit.”


Moreover, big names like Planned Parenthood make the abortion pill sound like a regular prescription with just a few minor side effects. When so many people in power are telling women it’s safe and effective, it’s no surprise it has become the go-to choice for abortions in the United States.


But it’s important to question if these claims really hold up. If you rely only on what you hear in the media, you might think these assurances have a solid basis. Yet, if you’re thinking about taking the abortion pill, the real question is: Shouldn’t you look into the whole story before making up your mind?


Consider that only a few years ago, it was necessary to verify certain things for her safety before a woman was legally permitted to take the abortion pill. These requirements included the following:


  • Confirmation of the pregnancy stage through an ultrasound.
  • Diagnosis to determine whether the woman had an ectopic pregnancy, in which case taking the abortion pill could lead to extreme harm or even death.
  • Ensuring women had access to emergency rooms.
  • Prescriptions had to be obtained from a licensed doctor.


These safeguards were in place for a reason, and all of them have now been eliminated. Due to the widespread and increasing use of the abortion pill, numerous women are stepping forward to share that their experiences were far from the promoted narrative. Contrary to the portrayal of taking the abortion pill as akin to having a period, many have endured grueling and nightmarish situations.


  • One woman called it the “worst experience… I’ve ever been through,” adding, “The pill for me was the experience of having a baby. Contractions for 10 hours, sweating, screaming, being by myself. It was emotionally scarring and physically horrible.”


  • In a 2016 article, Dianne Fersey, a pro-abortion advocate, says, “After leaving the clinic, I actually felt physically fine…. But the pain that came afterward was the worst thing I’ve ever felt in my life. I couldn’t even move, it was like taking on the period pains of 100 women combined. There was so much blood that I’d have to change my sanitary towel every hour. Overnight, my sheets were covered in blood beyond repair…


  • On LiveJournal, another woman stated, “… [W]hen the second pill was taking effect, I had the most indescribable excruciating pain for more than 6 hours. It almost killed me…. There was just so much pain that I couldn’t even cry.”


This is just a small sample from the numerous women who have bravely stepped forward to offer an honest window into their real experiences with the abortion pill.


Additionally, many women have suffered severe side effects as a result of the abortion pill. Since 2000 through June 30, 2022, there have been nearly 4,200 reported cases of adverse effects, including:


  • 1048 hospitalizations, excluding death
  • 604 blood loss experiences requiring transfusions
  • 414 infections (71 severe)
  • 28 maternal deaths


Note: In 2016, the FDA stopped requiring that adverse effects be reported – only deaths. The 

actual statistics are likely much higher.

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