Dr. Dermot Kearney, a prominent voice in the UK pro-life movement, has recently voiced his support for abortion pill reversal. He shared the privilege of assisting 55 women through the process, leading to successful deliveries of healthy babies. 

The Abortion Pill Reversal Process

The abortion pill, also known as RU486, works by blocking the production of the hormone progesterone, essential for supporting the blood supply to the developing baby. Progesterone provides oxygen and nutrients crucial for the baby’s growth. By inhibiting progesterone production, the abortion pill essentially starves and suffocates the preborn child. However, with abortion pill reversal, doctors administer progesterone to undo the pill’s effects, allowing the continuation of oxygen and nutrient flow to the baby, potentially saving its life.

In addition to the 55 UK babies who have been born as a result of the abortion pill reversal service, over 4,000 healthy babies have been born in the United States through this protocol as well. Despite these success numbers, Dr. Kearney regrets that many women are unaware of this option and, if introduced, are often dissuaded from it. 


Why is the abortion pill reversal not widely known or accepted?


Controversies Surrounding Abortion Pill Reversal


One major hurdle is the lack of awareness. Dr. Kearney notes that in the UK and the United States, women are either not informed of the option or are misled to believe that it is harmful and ineffective. A simple Google search reveals numerous articles discouraging women from considering the reversal, labeling it as “unethical,” “not backed by science,” “dangerous,” and “misleading.”

Progesterone’s Safety and Success Rate


Dr. Kearney counters these claims by emphasizing that he has witnessed the birth of many healthy babies following abortion pill reversal. Physicians like Dr. Kearney in the UK and counterparts in the United States, including Dr. William Lile, have conducted numerous successful abortion pill reversals, resulting in the birth of healthy babies. They have observed the genuine joy in mothers who, grappling with regret, sought a second chance and emerged with both themselves and their newborns in perfect health.


However, these instances aren’t the only foundation for Kearney’s reasoning. Progesterone, the only component in the abortion pill reversal regiment, is an over-the-counter supplement that has been used safely for over 60 years for various medical concerns during pregnancy. Medically, progesterone poses no threat whatsoever to mothers or babies. He further stresses that the success rate of the pill reversal, while not guaranteed, is well above 50%. The question remains – if progesterone is safe and the success rate is considerable, why is there such resistance to accepting abortion pill reversal?


Dr. Kearney points to a revealing statement from a prominent pill reversal opponent in the United States, Daniel Grossman, MD. When asked if the abortion pill reversal was harmful, Grossman responded that the pill reversal itself is not harmful whatsoever; it’s the rhetoric. It’s this belief that “anti-choice” advocates put out there that women can and do change their minds about the abortion pill.


In response, Dr. Kearney questions why the opportunity for women to change their minds is so contested.

The Threat to Pro-Abortion Advocates


Dr. Kearney suggests that the opposition stems from a fear among pro-abortion advocates. Pro-abortionists are threatened by the very idea of women changing their minds. It threatens their narrative that women are already fully educated and empowered to make choices in the first place.


The focus on choice, Kearney argues, is deceptive, as a true choice would include the option of keeping the child. Dr. Kearney contends that many women undergo abortion without truly understanding its nature – what it does, and how it works. As he put it, “Decisions are being formed without proper information, and so this is invalid consent.”


Concluding his comments, Dr. Dermot Kearney affirms that life begins at conception; the same life is present at fertilization as in a grown man in middle age. While acknowledging that not all pro-choice individuals share this view, he affirms that most honest pro-choice advocates admit that life begins at fertilization. He contends that the grounds of this debate should shift elsewhere, as no professional doctors seriously deny the life of a preborn child. In his final words, Dr. Kearney states, “Science is on our side.”

Do you Regret Taking the Abortion Pill?


At Choices Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, we provide abortion pill reversal services, but time is of the essence. If you find yourself in a situation where you regret taking the abortion pill, please call our hotline number immediately. If you’ve taken the abortion pill within the last 72 hours and have not taken the second dose in the regimen, there is a chance the effects can be reversed and the pregnancy saved.


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