Some say that the pro-life movement only cares about women having babies, as if giving birth is the only thing that matters. But the truth is, being pro-life is about celebrating life in all its forms and stages. This Christmas is an excellent time to think about how valuable life is in God’s eyes. 


We love babies and think babies deserve a chance at life. But we’re not just about the baby – we celebrate Mom’s life, life inside the womb, Dad’s life, and every step of the journey. Whether you’re familiar with these ideas or need a quick rundown, check out how we’re celebrating life this Christmas at Choices Pregnancy Centers.

What Is Choices?

Choices operates as a non-profit community health center, funded privately and adhering to federal and state regulations. Our team is comprised of client advocates and medical professionals dedicated to providing compassionate care and education. We offer a no-pressure, judgment-free environment, ensuring confidential consultations for everyone we serve.


At Choices, we think that no one should ever be forced to make a pressured or uneducated decision when facing an unplanned pregnancy, especially one that affects a woman’s body and mind. 

Listed Below Are Just a Few of the Services We Offer:


  • Pregnancy services and abortion information
  • Education, support, and assistance during a crisis
  • STD/STI testing and information
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Free limited obstetric ultrasounds
  • Education on sexual health and relationships
  • Pregnancy, parenting, and life skills education for women and men
  • Post-abortive support: free and confidential counseling for anyone struggling after an abortion
  • Free care for women: the majority of services are offered for free or at a very low cost

Choices Network of Care


Our services also extend beyond those offered in the clinic. We connect individuals with a variety of organizations in our community that support women and men going through challenging situations. Based on individual needs, we will assemble a group that can walk alongside them confidentially — assuring them they are not alone. Our referrals include health insurance, adoption services, housing, food, financial assistance, parenting classes, addiction support, and more. Clients can even access our Choices’ Baby Boutique, where they can receive baby supplies like free diapers, clothes, etc.

What Do Our Clients Think? Here Are a Few Testimonials:


“Very helpful and friendly! Love love love it here. It’s awesome, everything you guys offer.”


“This experience was amazing…I feel a new sense of confidence leaving this office that I did not have walking in. Thank you!”


“Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve encountered. Staff is extremely welcoming and kind.”

How Can You Help?


Are you interested in connecting with a team of compassionate, caring individuals who are eager to impact the lives of women, men, and babies? Whether you prefer working directly with clients, participating in special events, or utilizing your talents and experience in our business office, you can play a crucial role in spreading hope throughout the Greater Phoenix area.


If you’re interested in demonstrating Greater Love by actively contributing to the well-being of young women and men in the Phoenix area, let’s begin a conversation about how you can make a tangible difference and bring hope to those who need it most.


Contact us, or for more information, visit our website and find out how you can join us in this critical, life-saving, life-giving Ministry!