In the ongoing debate surrounding abortion, women often assert that men should have no say in the matter, encapsulated by the phrase: “No uterus? No opinion.”


According to pro-abortion women, the right answer for men is to echo the commonly held belief that it’s a “woman’s body” and, consequently, “her choice.” Despite seeming compassionate, this stance is often deceptive. A closer examination reveals intricate dynamics where men play a significant yet overlooked role in abortion decisions.

Unseen Pressure


Whether acknowledged or not, the reality is that many men do hold and enforce their opinions about abortion, although this often remains unnoticed in public discourse. Behind the scenes, men frequently pressure women into abortions against their will or better judgment.


A recent study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons revealed that three-quarters of women with a history of abortion admitted to experiencing various forms of pressure, with over half stating that this pressure significantly influenced their decision. Equally troubling, 58.3% decided to terminate pregnancies to make others happy, while almost 30% did so out of fear of losing their partners.


Population Research Institute President, Steven Mosher, emphasized the alarming nature of these findings, stating, “They suggest that a substantial number of women in America today who supposedly ‘choose’ abortion are actually being pressured into it by their husbands, boyfriends, or family members.”


“If a man tells a woman in so many words that he will leave her if she does not get an abortion, that woman is being denied the right to freely choose her—and her unborn child’s – fate. The threat of abandonment is a very strong inducement to the woman not to carry her child to term.”


“Over the years, many women have come to me with stories of how they were – blatantly or subtly – coerced into an abortion they did not want and will always regret,” says PRI President Steven Mosher. “Kudos to Professor Coleman for her brilliant study, which suggests that the magnitude of the problem is far greater than any of us suspected. We must all do more to help young women in crisis pregnancies.”

The Pro-Abortion Lifestyle


Why do some men actively endorse abortion and pressure their partners to undergo the procedure? The answer lies in the fact that adopting a pro-abortion stance often aligns with men’s interests, particularly those who embrace a hookup culture and a commitment-free lifestyle. Abortion conveniently frees them from responsibilities, commitments, and financial obligations associated with supporting a child.


Some men adopt a seemingly supportive perspective, expressing, “It’s your decision,” while covertly reaping personal benefits from this outward show of support.

How Abortion Can Serve Selfish Male Interests


  • Freedom from Responsibility: Abortion provides an escape route for men to avoid the responsibilities that come with fatherhood, offering an easy way out of taking any responsibility for his sexual decisions while also continuing to live in a promiscuous manner.


  • Freedom from Commitment: Men who favor a commitment-free lifestyle find abortion appealing, as it enables them to evade the long-term commitment associated with committing to one woman and raising a child together.


  • Preservation of Bachelor Lifestyle: Abortion allows men to maintain their bachelor lifestyle without the encumbrances of family responsibilities, possibly even living at home with their parents.


  • Financial Liberation: Men can sidestep paying child support, providing them with economic freedom to pursue their own interests without hindrance.


The reality is that while abortion is presented as supportive and freeing for women, it often inadvertently perpetuates a darkly male-dominated world. In many instances, men are the driving force behind it, leveraging the situation to use women for their gains without facing consequences. Even in extreme cases like rape, while the prospect of bearing a child is undeniably devastating, opting for abortion can be just another easy pass for a man to evade accountability and consequences.

Challenging the “My Body, My Choice” Narrative


The assertion that it’s the woman’s body at stake is flawed. A preborn child is a distinct human being with its own DNA from the moment of fertilization. While some men support abortion for the wrong reasons, it’s crucial to recognize that many others genuinely care about their preborn child. It is unjust and wrong to exclude them from the conversation solely because they are not physically carrying the child. 


They are just as much a parent of the child growing in the womb as the mother is, and denying them any right to have a say can be profoundly painful for many men. Just as they should share responsibility for the pregnancy instead of forcing the woman to undergo an abortion for the man’s own selfish gain, he should also get the chance to share the responsibility of determining their child’s future. While an unexpected pregnancy puts a strain on the relationship, open and honest communication is always the best way to go.

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