In today’s culture, we are often told that having a child will negatively impact your life. The decision to have a child can seem illogical and impractical. We are bombarded with messages warning us of the loss of freedom, the additional financial strain, and the exhaustion that accompanies raising a child. On paper, it seems that having children is as unwise as buying a house you can’t afford.


But the story of parenthood is far more complex than what meets the eye. Left to our own devices, the thought of having children might not have crossed our minds. However, there is a divine purpose behind the creation of families and children that, at first, we often can’t perceive. 


Countless women who confronted an unplanned pregnancy and considered abortion, yet chose to proceed with the pregnancy, express immense relief and joy at the decision to raise their child. However, what about extremely challenging circumstances? The following are two scenarios where having a child might appear as a particularly bad idea – but only on the surface.

Real Life Stories

Martha’s Story


Consider the perspective of Marsha Weigum, a mother who faced the news of a 99% chance that her son would be born with Down syndrome. Her reaction to her doctor’s diagnosis was to ask, “What’s next for prenatal care? Do we need to be doing something different?” The doctor’s response, however, encouraged a different course of action. Martha recounts, “She said, ‘You can terminate if you choose.’”


Martha was determined against this. Her doctor then outlined the potential difficulties of raising a child with Down syndrome, emphasizing the slow learning curve and dependence on family. Despite the challenges, Marsha held onto a profound belief, quoting Jeremiah 1:5, that God knew her son before he was formed in the womb. Today, Nathan, her 5-year-old son with Down syndrome, is a testament to the strength and love that can emerge from challenging situations.


As Martha put it, “This is Nathan’s story. This is not my story. We are just speaking up for him until the day when he can speak up for himself.”


Martha continued, “Oftentimes, people just get to be when they have the baby. And they hold that baby in their arms, and they start to realize that, ‘I would never change this for nothing. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to my doctors,’” Marsha said.

Ashley’s Story


Ashley found herself navigating a challenging path in her young adult life – she was on her own and lacked a support system. This circumstance might be considered the worst possible scenario for welcoming a child into the equation.


To compound matters, Ashley faced an even more distressing situation: her child was conceived through a traumatic incident of rape. Despite these incredibly difficult factors, Ashley made the courageous choice to keep her child. Contrary to the bleak predictions that having a child in such cases might ruin her life, Ashley’s experience tells a different story.


Rather than becoming a destructive force, Ashley’s child became a source of motivation for her. His presence inspired her to return to school and establish a healthy, stable home environment. In the midst of adversity, he became the driving force behind Ashley’s renewed sense of purpose and meaning. He became the most significant person in her life.


In a remarkable twist, instead of being a detriment, Ashley’s child became the catalyst that saved her.


The hidden truth that many parents discover is that having children opens up a world of relationships, love, kindness, and family that goes beyond imagination. Despite the sleepless nights and the challenges of parenthood, there is an overwhelming – and sometimes unexpected  – degree of love that parents often discover having for their children.

Are You Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy?


At Choices Pregnancy Centers, we acknowledge that not every unwanted pregnancy should result in raising your child yourself. There are legitimate times when adoption is the best option to provide a safe and secure situation. We also recognize that millions of couples eagerly await the opportunity to adopt a child. Choosing life for your preborn baby can be a decision you won’t regret, as it opens the door to a myriad of possibilities for both you and your child.


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