If you’ve missed a period, especially if that’s unusual for you, you may wonder what this means. You may become anxious, thinking, “Is there something wrong with me?” It’s natural to feel concerned, but before jumping to conclusions, let’s step back and assess the situation.


It’s actually somewhat common to have irregular periods occasionally, even if you usually have regular cycles. Stress, changes in diet or exercise, hormonal fluctuations, or even illness can all play a role in disrupting your menstrual cycle. Of course, the other thing to consider is: Is there a chance that you’re pregnant? 


Get Tested


If you suspect you might be pregnant, you have options to confirm it. You can take a store-bought pregnancy test as soon as the first day of your missed period. These tests typically involve collecting a urine sample and dipping a test strip into the sample or using a dropper to apply urine to a test stick. The test then reacts to the presence of HCG, often called the “pregnancy hormone,” displaying results within a few minutes.


While store-bought pregnancy tests are convenient and can provide quick results, it’s important to note that they may not always be 100% accurate, especially if used too early or incorrectly. Factors such as dilution of urine, expiration of the test kit, or underlying medical conditions can also affect the accuracy of the results.


For a more accurate and definitive result, it’s advisable to visit a healthcare professional for a lab-quality pregnancy test. At Choices Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, we offer high-quality pregnancy tests at no cost that can detect pregnancy early on, providing you with clarity and support.


Next Steps


So, what’s next if your pregnancy test is positive? Once you’ve confirmed a pregnancy, it’s crucial to take the time to assess your feelings and the circumstances surrounding the situation. Is this pregnancy planned and welcomed, or is it unexpected and possibly unwanted? In the midst of any of your initial reactions, now is the time to seek counsel and support to help you navigate your options.


Exploring further options might include discussing your choices with a trusted healthcare provider, confiding in a supportive friend or family member, or seeking guidance from organizations like Choices. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and there are resources and compassionate individuals available to empower you to  make your own informed decisions about your pregnancy and your future.


At Choices Pregnancy Centers, we have compassionate advocates and medical professionals standing by, ready to help guide you through this process. We understand that facing an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and scary. Our commitment to this ministry stems from our genuine care for women walking through such circumstances.


Remember, your body is now carrying the life of someone else and every decision you make affects that other person as well. At Choices, we provide a judgment-free environment for you to ask questions, discuss options, and access free or low-cost services from individuals who are focused on your needs.

We offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and a range of other pregnancy-related services. Whether you need information, resources, or someone to talk to, we’re here. Contact us or make an appointment today to learn how we can support you through this challenging time.