A young woman who had just left an abusive relationship recently visited one of our Choices clinics. Alone and scared, she faced an unplanned pregnancy due to this relationship. If ever there was a time when abortion seems justified, for many people, this is it. 

After all, bringing a child into a world of uncertainty seems overwhelming, especially for someone who has already endured so much pain. At Choices, we have nothing but care and compassion for young women facing such difficult circumstances. 

Out of Options

This woman was convinced; abortion seemed like the only option. A Planned Parenthood Clinic would have affirmed her in this.  

We took the time to get to know her and hear about her situation. 

This woman had a previous abortion when she was 13 and a half weeks pregnant. In tears, she described how the pain from her previous abortion constantly weighed on her mind in this new pregnancy. Still, she had no other choice, right? She was now considering taking the abortion pill. She believed she was around eight weeks pregnant—within the window for obtaining an abortion pill. 

We believe women deserve to have all the information and facts they need before deciding. That is why we offered her a free ultrasound.

After her ultrasound, the woman’s perspective radically and permanently changed. A big smile broke through her tears on witnessing the life of her preborn baby. The images captured the undeniable reality of a 13-week-old baby, alive and kicking. For this woman, the sight of her growing child made up her mind. There was no way she could end a life after seeing her child. Despite the challenges she faced, she felt a love that was already present.


Is the Abortion Pill Safe?

A significant worry voiced by critics of the abortion pill revolves around the uncertainty of particular situations. Because “pills” can be obtained apart from testing or medical treatment, many women often find themselves guessing the stage of their pregnancy. As the abortion pill can be obtained through mail without in-person or additional testing, there’s no way to confirm their estimations’ accuracy. Tragically, this has resulted in numerous health complications among women who have taken the abortion pill.

At Choices, we provide support, understanding, and essential information to empower women with informed choices. This woman’s journey exemplifies why advocating for life is about more than just an ideology; it’s about offering a genuine choice—one that considers the well-being of both the mother and the preborn child. 

What Are Your Choices?

Choices offers women the opportunity to see the truth firsthand through a free ultrasound.

Ultrasound technology has advanced significantly since the inception of abortion laws, allowing us to glimpse into the womb and witness the remarkable development of the preborn child. This tangible, irrefutable evidence of life often becomes the turning point for women grappling with the decision of whether to proceed with an abortion.

Advancements in medical technology have revolutionized the understanding of life in the womb. Today, we can see the heartbeats, the movement, and the unmistakable humanity of the preborn child. This is why ultrasounds wield such transformative power—a power that starkly contrasts the practices of clinics that shy away from offering this crucial information.

Choices believes in providing women with all the facts and support they need to make an informed decision. Contact us or make an appointment today and learn more about your choices.