Are you facing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy? If you are considering abortion, you may wonder whether your preborn child can feel pain during the procedure. 

Abortion clinic workers will tell you that a fetus does not feel and cannot feel pain. But is this true? 

When abortion first became legalized, one of the contributing factors to its passing was the lack of understanding regarding what truly happens inside the procedure room. People were uncertain about whether preborn fetuses were human beings and whether they could feel pain. 

However, with the advent of ultrasound technology, everything changed. 


In the 1980s, a groundbreaking documentary emerged, revealing the reality of abortion in real-time, forever altering public perception. This documentary, known as “Silent Scream,” captured a powerful and emotional moment during an actual abortion procedure with the consent of the abortion clinic.

The film depicted the procedure performed by an experienced abortion doctor who had carried out over 10,000 abortions in his career. However, during the editing process, the doctor visually witnessed what really happens during an abortion for the first time ever. This impacted him so deeply that he had to leave the room, and from that day forward, he never performed another abortion.

In the “Silent Scream,” viewers witness a distinct outline of the baby on the ultrasound screen, despite the lower quality of the technology at the time. The baby’s tiny face becomes visible, forming a poignant image that lends the documentary its name. As the suction cup is introduced into the womb, before causing any harm, the baby reacts violently to the suction cup, attempting to move away from it. Its heart rate accelerates, its mouth opens in a silent scream, and it clearly displays signs of agitation. Following this is a filmed recording, revealing how a suction cup ends a preborn baby’s life; viewer discretion is advised

The ultrasound technology at the time of this video is of much lower quality than the images of preborn babies that we can see today. Yet you could observe a vividly alive baby moving around and sucking its thumb. Witnessing the pain and distress it experiences as its life is extinguished in real-time is a heart-wrenching and undeniable reality captured on film. 

That is why the pendulum has swung in the other direction, and a higher percentage of Millennials and younger are pro-life. Younger generations grew up with ultrasound technology and images of preborn babies as a regular part of their life. 

However, the truth is that we didn’t need ultrasound technology to understand that babies feel pain. Science, biology, and modern medicine likewise confirm this truth. 

Consider the Following Facts: 

  • Neurological: Studies have shown that preborn babies can exhibit specific responses to painful stimuli. For instance, they may exhibit hormonal stress responses, such as increased cortisol levels, changes in heart rate, and withdrawal reflexes when subjected to invasive procedures.
  • Anesthetic: During fetal surgeries performed for therapeutic purposes, anesthesia is administered directly to the fetus to minimize pain. This practice recognizes the presence of pain perception in preborn babies and highlights the need for pain management during invasive procedures.
  • Scientific Research: Research published in medical journals presented evidence supporting the idea of fetal pain perception. These studies have examined physiological, neurological, and behavioral indicators of fetal pain.
  • Medical Expert Opinions: Various medical experts and organizations show babies can feel pain as early as 12 weeks

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