California Democrats consider themselves supposedly *all about choice* regarding abortion, yet they are currently embroiled in a fierce battle attempting to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers. Despite repeated attempts, however, Democratic lawmakers have failed to regulate crisis pregnancy centers out of existence. 

On the contrary, according to the Los Angeles Times, there has been an increased surge in donations pouring into pro-life centers since the implementation of progressively liberal pro-abortion laws in the state. 

In other words, as California Democrats crafted the nation’s most extreme laws protecting abortion, their plan backfired. In fact, not only are California pregnancy centers receiving higher donations, but they are also expanding and growing. 

Why this shift toward protecting preborn lives? 

Not all that long ago, pregnant women had to wait until twenty weeks gestation to have an ultrasound and find out the sex of their baby. Even then, they only saw blurry images. Scientific advancements and improvements in ultrasound technology have changed drastically in recent years, however. 

Backed By Science

According to scientific research on fetal development, advancements in medical techniques and other breakthroughs assert that a fetus is undeniably a living human being. Recent years have witnessed a shift from abstract concepts to tangible evidence, as the imagery of a fetus sucking its thumb, smiling, and even clapping at just 18 weeks challenges the notion of discarding a 20-week-old preborn baby. 

This growing awareness of life’s presence in the womb challenges the idea of human disposability. Pro-life advocates, in presenting research findings on subjects like fetal pain and the potential health risks of abortion, have made significant strides in courtrooms and legislative arenas. 

Colleen Malloy, a neonatologist at Northwestern University, notes that within medical care, tremendous efforts are dedicated to safely delivering babies and providing critical care to premature infants. 

She points out the contradiction arising when physicians, who play integral roles in saving lives, support abortion even in the later stages of fetal development. As medical techniques advance, allowing for intricate surgeries on babies while they are still in the womb, the realization becomes undeniable:

These preborn babies are often the same gestational age as those that are aborted. 

The Pro-Life Movement is Gaining Ground 

Amidst these discussions, a surprising trend has emerged. Studies show that millennials and Gen Z voters predominantly lean towards pro-life views.

While many people in older generations often still cling to their original, pro-abortion assumptions, millennials and Gen Z are living a completely different reality. The tide has turned towards a pro-life stance, even for liberals or democrats among younger generations. 


They have grown up witnessing images of preborn babies regularly in biology or medical classes, on social media, or while seeing the development of their own preborn siblings. 

They are smart enough to put two and two together. They can see clearly that the life in the womb is not a ‘clump of cells’ but an interactive human being who feels pain and deserves life just like anyone else. 

Get The Facts

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