The abortion pill has become the most common form of abortion in recent years. The ease with which abortion pills can be obtained and taken has given rise to an alarming situation in which overseas companies exploit the vulnerability of women seeking abortions. Killpreg, a new abortion pill, is an example of this trend. 

The abortion industry’s negligent “no-test” policy, which overlooks crucial gestational age and viability screenings, has resulted in women being prescribed these pills as late as 30-36 weeks into their pregnancies. 

A Heartbreaking Encounter:

Just recently, a woman walked into one of our Choices clinics after taking Killpreg pills that she had received in the mail. She had taken the pills three weeks prior but hadn’t passed her baby. Experiencing mild cramping and bleeding, she still had a positive pregnancy test. An ultrasound revealed the devastating truth— her baby who had passed away at seven weeks and three days, without a heartbeat. 

When a baby passes away in the womb, it presents a perilous situation that can be life-threatening for the mother. Unfortunately, the increasing trend of women opting to take the abortion pill at home, without proper medical supervision, exposes them to these dangerous and potentially devastating consequences.

What is Killpreg?

Killpreg is sold through a generic online medical company, a deceptive business that promotes the abortion pill as safe and effective. Although poorly worded and unclear, the provided description asserts that medical abortion is a completely safe and highly effective procedure. It emphasizes privacy and cost-effectiveness, as the procedure can be conducted at home without leaving the house. Such marketing tactics appeal to vulnerable women seeking confidentiality and affordability in troubled circumstances. However, the description fails to provide adequate warnings and guidelines.

Hidden Dangers and Inadequate Information:

While the description mentions that the pill cannot be taken if a woman is more than 10-12 weeks pregnant or has an ectopic pregnancy, it fails to acknowledge that many women do not know the answers to these questions when they decide to take the pill. Consequently, countless stories have emerged of women enduring excruciating pain, seeing their babies delivered in toilets, and even losing their lives due to the use of abortion pills. This alarming reality is happening now, even in our own neighborhoods. Women and their preborn babies are victims of shady opportunistic businesses such as the sellers of Killpreg. 

See this statement copied from their website: “Medical abortion has been the top-most prioritized technique chosen by utmost women for ending unplanned pregnancy. By just specifying in several words, medical abortion is the procedure that’s 100% safe and holds the uppermost productiveness rate. The procedure ensures complete solitude to women wanting to keep it secret, and is better in terms of its cost because it costs tectonic subordinate than what a surgical abortion does. The whole procedure can be shouldered at home without stepping out of the house. Women all over the globe are now choosing to buy KILLPREG Kit online after understanding the benefits of it. Before choosing a medical abortion several factors need to be understood and women should be witting of.”

This is yet another example of sloppy, negligent medical ‘care’ associated with the abortion pill and abortion clinics in general. Because of the ease with which these pills can be obtained and the lack of medical oversight, countless instances of extreme reactions are increasingly being reported around the world. 

Dr. James Studnicki, Vice President of Data Analytics at CLI, stated: “The safety of chemical abortion is greatly exaggerated. In fact, the increasing dominance of chemical abortion and its disproportionate contribution to emergency room morbidity pose a serious public health threat, and the real-world data suggests that the threat is growing.”

You Have Choices

Have you taken the abortion pill and regret it, or know someone who has? It might not be too late. If you’ve taken the Abortion Pill within the last 72 hours, there is a chance the effects can be reversed and the pregnancy saved. Call this hotline now to be connected with medical personnel who can help (available nationwide).

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