Dr. Linda Prine, a family physician and one of the founders of the Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline, provides counseling services to women seeking to self-manage their abortions using medication.

In an article with Vox, Prine blames the current “abortion-pill related crises” on the overturn of Roe V. Wade. She states that if abortion were still as widely available, fewer women would be forced to turn to the abortion pill. 

What pill-related health crises? 

Prine’s Abortion Hotline has blown up recently as more women take the abortion pill. The result? 

It’s become a hot mess. 

Prine admits women are taking the abortion pill beyond the FDA-approved limit of 10 weeks into their pregnancy, with some taking it as late as 14 or 18 weeks. As a result, the hotline receives distressing calls from overwhelmed and emotional women upon seeing the identifiable features of their unexpectedly aborted babies. 

She says, “We get calls from people completely freaked out, crying, sobbing.”

Prine continues, “The hotline is getting more calls, and the difference now is that many of our callers are later in their pregnancies because they’re getting their pills from overseas. They’re ordering pills from online pharmacies, and they come sometimes with no directions… But also, they’re further along in pregnancy, and they’re calling us scared because they’ve passed a tiny but recognizable fetus, and they are freaked out…. And it’s frankly traumatizing, what people are going through, because they haven’t had any anticipatory guidance that this might be happening, and people who’ve had an abortion before with pills didn’t pass anything that they could see…. 

The abortion industry’s “no-test” policy, which omits crucial gestational age screenings, has led to women being prescribed the abortion pill as late as 30-36 weeks into their pregnancies, resulting in catastrophic and sorrowful outcomes.

Does Prine have a point? 

Have Abortion Bans Brought a Crisis on Women Nation-Wide? 

It is true that for the first time, women have to really see what happens during an abortion. But is that the root of the problem? 

In her statement, Prine acknowledges that abortion can be a deeply disturbing experience for women. However, she attempts to deflect blame for this trauma onto external factors, such as:

  1. Prine claims that the root of the problem lies in women ordering abortion pills from online pharmacies that provide no instructions on their use instead of having a traditional abortion in a clinic. 
  2. She also suggests that women are not given adequate anticipatory guidance, resulting in shock when they see a recognizable human body during the abortion pill process. 

However, these claims are disingenuous at best. Even when obtained through traditional channels, abortion pills do not contain disclaimers advising women of the potential to see a dead, recognizable human being. 

Furthermore, Prine let drop a crucial phrase we must not pass over. Prine says these women are “traumatized” because they didn’t have “anticipatory guidance that this might be happening.”

So… what is “anticipatory guidance” exactly? 

In plain language, Prine means that women didn’t realize a real, live baby was in their womb. Women have been lied to about what abortion means and are now forced to face this lie. 

For decades, Planned Parenthood used euphemisms like “clumps of tissue” and “terminating the pregnancy” to downplay the reality. For example, Planned Parenthood does not offer ultrasounds for this very reason. They are trying to keep up the facade that what you carry in your womb is not human

Women taking the abortion pill are often shocked by what they see. After taking the pill, they often witness the gruesome reality of deceased babies with identifiable features such as fingers, toes, arms, legs, and even faces floating in toilets. 

As in the case of Megan, who, through misguidance and lack of support from the abortion facility, experienced tremendous pain on taking the abortion pill, followed by the trauma of seeing her aborted child. Another woman sued Planned Parenthood after seeing her dead baby delivered in a toilet after taking the abortion pill. 

Furthermore, Prine’s comments reveal a disturbing disconnect between abortion providers and their patients. Women seeking abortions are often left to navigate the process alone, without proper guidance or support from healthcare professionals. 

Dr. Prine’s comments reveal (without her apparently realizing it) that abortion itself is devastating

Abortion is the Real Problem:

Think of it this way: Imagine if kids were being physically abused at a preschool. No one would complain if a new law came out stopping that abuse. Now imagine that once that law was in place, people had to face the harsh reality of what actually went down during the abuse.

That would be terrible, but no one would react by blaming the law that finally stopped further abuse from occurring.  

Yet, in the case of abortion, that is exactly what Prine is doing by blaming the overturn of Roe instead of the violent, gruesome act of killing a preborn child. 

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