The debate surrounding abortion is hotter than ever today. Yet, if you put a pro-abortionist in the same room as a pro-life individual and told them to have a conversation, you might be surprised at the result. 

Often, when pro-abortionists have an open conversation, they discover that they have entirely misunderstood the “other camp.” How is that possible? 

Many pro-abortionists consider abortion the same thing as birth control. After all, it’s in the name: “Planned Parenthood.” Women feel they should have the right to choose when or if they want to have children. That is fair. Planning a family is not a bad thing in itself. 

But countless women are acting on misinformation about what abortion actually is and what it does. They mistakenly think of abortion as no different than taking a birth control pill. Due to a lack of education about these topics, many people fail to realize the stark contrast between aborting an existing preborn baby and using birth control measures to prevent pregnancy altogether. 

What is the Difference Between Abortion and Birth Control?


Birth control prevents conception from occurring by stopping ovulation or fertilization through various methods, including oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices (IUDs). 


The truth is that many women simply do not understand what abortion is. Countless women have been shocked to discover that they never really grasped the truth all this time. They are often surprised to learn that abortion is the brutal ending of a separate human life with a heartbeat, DNA, organs, and limbs – even in the first few weeks of pregnancy!

Biologists and scientists today – even pro-abortionists – can no longer deny that life begins at conception. Preborn babies are undeniably human beings. Abortion involves intentionally destroying a preborn child, inside the mother’s womb, who is already alive (and can feel pain!).

Understanding that a developing baby is not the mother’s body is essential. It is a separate, distinct human being with its own unique genetic makeup. This distinct identity means that a preborn child has an inherent right to life, just like any other human being. Abortion disregards this right and denies the child the opportunity to experience life outside the womb.

This confusion about the difference between abortion and birth control has increased surrounding the use of the Abortion Pill. The “pill” is NOT a birth control pill and also ends a human life

Have More Questions? Choices Have Answers!

Choices Pregnancy Centers believes in educating individuals about the difference between birth control and abortion and what happens as your baby develops in the womb. We are here to arm you with facts through education, classes, and non-judgmental support as you navigate confusing times. 

We offer free ultrasounds that help you understand everything you need to know about your preborn child. Abortion might seem like your best or only choice, but there might be so much you haven’t researched yet about your body, the body in your womb, and the variety of options available to you. If you are facing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, make an appointment with Choices today!