The supreme court recently issued a controversial order allowing the abortion pill to remain on the market for now. On April 12th, the Fifth Circuit partially granted a stay on the decision made by U.S. District Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk on April 7th to suspend the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill

After the Department of Justice (DOJ) contested Kacsmaryk’s ruling, the Fifth Circuit permitted the distribution of the abortion pill while reintroducing safety requirements that were in place prior to 2016. 

These requirements mandate that the abortion pill is to be dispensed in person by a certified prescriber, can only be taken up to seven weeks into pregnancy, and that all adverse events related to the abortion pill must be reported, not just instances where women have died.

The FDA Faces Legal Charges

Earlier this year, the FDA under the Biden administration implemented a concerning policy change that permits purchasing life-ending chemical abortion drugs online or at a retail pharmacy without in-person doctor consultation. This decision prioritizes the profits of the abortion industry over federal law and the well-being of mothers and babies who may be adversely affected by these drugs. 

However, the FDA and the abortion industry may soon face accountability for their actions. On November 18, 2022, four national medical associations and four doctors specializing in caring for pregnant and post-abortive women filed a lawsuit against the FDA for approving and then deregulating these drugs. In support of these pro-life medical associations and doctors, a delegation of 13 senators and 54 representatives signed an amicus brief facilitated by Americans United for Life.

The case of Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA in the Northern District of Texas offers a much-needed opportunity for the court to hold the FDA accountable for overstepping its authority and endangering the health and safety of women and girls. The FDA has also violated federal laws that prohibit the mailing and shipping of abortion drugs, despite attempts by the administration to reinterpret these laws.

Is The Abortion Pill Safe? 

Since the initial approval of mifepristone, the first drug in a two-part regimen for chemical abortions, we have gained a better understanding of the harmful effects these drugs can have on women, girls, and their preborn babies. Potential risks for the mother from using abortion drugs include severe bleeding, infection, the need for surgical intervention, and even death.

Despite inadequate reporting requirements, we are aware of at least 28 deaths of pregnant women, over 500 life-threatening complications associated with mifepristone, and thousands of serious adverse events. Chemical abortions are significantly more hazardous than surgical abortions and can lead to severe complications. Women who use chemical abortion drugs are 50% more likely to require emergency medical care within 30 days of use than those who have surgical abortions.

The FDAs Shady Dealings 

In approving abortion drugs, FDA grossly abused an expedited approval process by treating pregnancy as an “illness” and asserting that the drugs provide “meaningful therapeutic benefit” over existing treatments. The FDA also failed to comply with its obligations under federal law to study the impact of the drugs on adolescent girls and failed to prove their safety under the labeled conditions.  

The FDA’s most recent approval of do-it-yourself abortion drugs by mail and telemedicine also unlawfully prioritized the interests of the abortion industry over the exacting safety protocols that the law demands while also violating federal criminal laws. Under the FDA’s new tele-abortion protocols, pregnant women are denied a chance to be first clinically screened in person by a doctor to rule out potentially life-threatening complications like an ectopic pregnancy or to accurately determine the age of the baby. Abortionists, instead, can offload care for their patients’ complications onto local emergency rooms.  

The American people deserve better from their government, especially when it comes to protecting innocent lives and prioritizing women’s health and safety. The FDA was created to protect the public from dangerous drugs, but the agency has violated its core purpose with its decision to approve and then deregulate abortion drugs, to the point of now allowing the drugs to be mailed to pregnant women who have not seen a doctor in person.  

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