Planned Parenthood claims that they are all about women’s health. As the election approaches, countless stories flood social media outlining dire risks for women who cannot access abortion services. 

Some pro-abortionists have even adopted the term “pro-life” as if protecting the health of babies and mothers is the primary function of their facilities. 

Does Planned Parenthood Care About Your Health? 

A young woman who recently delivered a late-term baby into a toilet would say no. This self-termed “Jane Doe” claims she would never have aborted her son if she had known how far along her pregnancy was. If Planned Parenthood had provided routine, legitimate medical care, it might have spared this mom the devastating nightmare she endured. 

On contacting Planned Parenthood, they offered Doe a 15-minute telehealth conference with Meera Shah and nurse practitioner Abigail Mensah. They estimated Doe’s pregnancy to be about six weeks along over the phone. 

The lawsuit alleges that Doe never received a physical examination, an ultrasound, or consent forms before the abortion. Based on a single phone conversation, she was prescribed the abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol, which are only supposed to be used to abort unborn babies at up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. 

Without signing any forms, Doe picked up the abortion drugs that afternoon. Later that night, after taking the pills, she “began experiencing painful cramping and pressure” and “went into full labor in the early morning hours of May 5,” the lawsuit states. It continues, “At approximately 3:00 am, while sitting on the toilet, Plaintiff gave birth to a fully formed, stillborn baby boy.”

“Plaintiff was shocked and traumatized when she saw the lifeless, fully-formed baby in the toilet …” whom Doe later named J.T. When she called Planned Parenthood, she was told to visit one of their facilities instead of a local hospital emergency room where she might have received speedy, thorough, medical care. 

According to the lawsuit, on arrival Planned Parenthood tried to dispose of her baby’s body and told her not to call law enforcement. “Defendants advised Plaintiff that they would dispose of J.T., further upsetting Plaintiff and her family. Plaintiff, just hours post-partum and in shock, was made to wait for many hours.”

Only then did they offer a physical exam and ultrasound. They estimated the baby boy at 33 to 36 weeks, nearly full term. An autopsy confirmed that J.T. was about 30 weeks along, had been healthy, and that abortion was the cause of death. 

Doe refused to give his body to Planned Parenthood for disposal, and “a family member contacted law enforcement authorities for assistance.” When speaking to authorities, Planned Parenthood made “misleading statements … including the indisputably untrue statement that Plaintiff was ‘examined’ and that Plaintiff decided on her own to bring J.T. across county lines,” according to the lawsuit. 

The mother “had no intention of aborting a near-term baby,” did not consent to it, and “would not have aborted a near-term baby or any baby after her first trimester,” the lawsuit alleges.

The Real Story Behind Planned Parenthood

Although the FDA only approved the use of the abortion pill through 10 weeks gestation, Planned Parenthood makes these drugs widely available, no testing necessary

This is not surprising considering that this no-test abortion drug increases Planned Parenthood’s profits while incurring little or no cost to themselves. Yet this medical practice increases health risks as they fail to follow basic procedures or even ascertain the state of the pregnancy. In an ectopic pregnancy, for example, the pills will create a severe risk to the mother’s health. 

Despite the documented fact that abortion pills are often deadly for both baby and mother, Joe Biden began allowing abortion pills to be sold through the mail in the U.S., without medical supervision. During his term, President Obama stopped requiring the FDA to report non-fatal complications from the abortion drug, leaving us with no accurate read on stateside health complications due to this drug. 

These shoddy practices are nothing less than medical negligence, malpractice, and patient coercion for financial gain. They demonstrate an explicit example of blatant disregard for women’s healthcare. 

The facts are clear: Planned Parenthood is not concerned about your health and will risk it freely for financial gain. Nor did they respect “Jane Doe’s” wishes to not have a late-term abortion. She was forced to learn this the hard way when she saw her fully-formed baby boy lying dead in a toilet.

Choices Cares 

At Choices Pregnancy Centers, physical exams, testing, and ultrasounds are basic, and routine procedures offered to all women. We take the time to get to know you, and help you through difficulties in a safe, supportive environment. 

We offer non-judgmental guidance and free consultations when you are at a crossroads. We invite you to reach out if you have any questions or need someone to talk to.