When it comes to the topic of adoption, misconceptions and false information abound. Because November is National Adoption Month, it might be helpful to look at the facts. If you are facing an unwanted pregnancy, the most important takeaway is that you have options. 

Choices Pregnancy Centers want you to be informed about those options as you make decisions concerning your pregnancy. For starters, let’s consider some common myths regarding adoption. 

Three Myths About Adoption:

1. Not Many People Are Seeking Adoption

Many assume that pregnancy is guaranteed as soon as you start trying. Pregnancy is almost talked about like the common cold, as if it’s easy to catch if you don’t watch out. We are told that apart from birth control and abortion, you might get pregnant twenty times in as many years. 

The truth is that millions of individuals struggle with infertility. Many women live it up in their twenties, assuming they will get around to having kids later in life, only to face infertility. Fertility drops significantly in your thirties, and even in your twenties, pregnancy is not guaranteed. Estimates suggest that 48 million couples and 186 million individuals live with infertility globally. This, in turn, has created a huge demand for adoption. 

2. Apart From Abortion, Unwanted Babies Would Flood The System

This statement is demonstrably false. The truth is, there are millions of couples on waiting lists, hoping to adopt every year. Even after trying to get pregnant for years and paying for expensive fertility treatments, pregnancy still alludes many couples. 

These couples are often eager to consider adoption. And even then, the sad reality is that trying to adopt a baby is an expensive, time-consuming, and uphill journey. Couples might spend years on a waiting list only to be turned away. Offering a child to those seeking adoption is an incredible and precious gift. Adoptive parents often say that as soon as they hold that baby, it belongs to them, the same as if it were biologically their own. Which means, there are plenty of homes open and available for placement!

3. Abortion Is Your Only Option

Planned Parenthood will tell you that your only real option for an unwanted pregnancy is abortion, but this is simply not true. Many mothers facing unwanted or unexpected pregnancies are surprised to learn how many choices are available to them.  

In fact, even women who faced unwanted pregnancies have discovered the joy of having and keeping their baby. They often declare that the relationship with their child is the best possible thing that could have happened to them. In other cases, adoption is a great answer. Even there, you have options such as closed or open adoptions.

Pregnancy does require a sacrifice, but difficulties often create rich opportunities that would not have otherwise been possible. 

Choose the Gift of Life!

Choices can help you stay informed about your options when facing an unwanted pregnancy. We have classes, advocates, and free consultations. It is at least worth having a conversation so that you know you are making an informed decision regarding your pregnancy and future. We invite you to schedule an appointment or contact us today.