Abortion pill use is dramatically increasing; it now accounts for more than fifty percent of abortions in the united states. The pills are touted as a healthy, quick, and easy method for ending an unwanted pregnancy – no different than popping Tylenol. 

But it doesn’t end there. “Pills in advance” are now available. Women are instructed to “keep them in their medicine cabinet for future use” (1). 

Abortion is no longer an expensive, complicated process, they say, but an easy fix. Furthermore, on January 3, 2023, the FDA approved a rule allowing corner drugstore pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS to dispense the drug following a certification procedure, making it even easier for women to access the abortion pill. 

Are at-home abortions safe and healthy options for women? They are FDA-approved, and that is affirmation enough for many women–how can the FDA approve a harmful medication? 

At Choices Pregnancy Centers, we are all about educating you so you can make an informed choice. In light of that, here are some things to consider.

  • The FDA may not be on your side. 

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been gradually liberalizing the availability of the Abortion Pill (Mifeprex) since its approval in 2000, despite evidence that the medical risks to women taking the abortion pill have increased with every relaxation of regulatory controls. 

This expansion of the availability of the abortion pill and relaxation of how and where it can be dispensed raises serious questions about whether the FDA is fulfilling its core mission, which is to ensure that drugs are effective and safe. While the FDA claims that this new rule will ensure safety by requiring a certification process, critics argue that these measures do not go far enough to protect patients from potential harm due to improper use or administration of the drug.

Furthermore, many believe that the FDA’s decision was motivated more by a desire to achieve a specific policy goal rather than to prioritize patient safety. The FDA seems to have revised its rules not with an eye toward safety but to achieve the policy goal of making abortions more readily available.

  • Adverse reactions to the pill are on the rise. 

Doctors in India found that the risk of severe complications from taking MTP pills without medical supervision was significantly higher than when taken under a doctor’s care. They also noted that, due to the lack of medical oversight, women did not receive proper information about the potential side effects and risks of taking the abortion pill. They argued that inadequate screening could lead to dangerous interactions between the drugs and other medications or conditions the patient may have. 

The abortion pill is reportedly four times more dangerous than surgical abortions. Countless women have come forward, having experienced massive health complications due to the abortion pill. Why is their voice not being taken seriously

  • Is it health care if it stops a beating heart? 

We can no longer deny that an unborn baby is a separate person with its own DNA, body, heartbeat, and organs. When you have an abortion, you stop that heart from beating and end a life. 

*How can we call that healthcare for women?*

Are You Considering an At-Home Abortion?

If you are considering an at-home abortion, we invite you to contact us at Choices. We offer a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment in which to discuss your options and get a clearer understanding of what the pill entails.

Did you take the abortion pill recently and regret it? You may be able to reverse the pill and save your unborn baby. If you already had an abortion and regret it, call or make an appointment. We have caring counselors and advocates on staff who can help you walk through this time with a strong support system.