As the abortion pill has become the most common form of abortion, many women are wondering whether it’s safe to use. Pro-abortionists assure women that the drug is “safer than continuing a pregnancy and having a baby,” to quote one of the social justice advocates who helped make these pills widely available.

Having worked for Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson was often told the same story. The drugs would create symptoms that were “nothing worse than an ordinary period,” Planned Parenthood told Johnson. 

When Johnson tried them, however, she experienced something radically different. Johnson says, “I started to feel pain… unlike anything I had ever experienced… blood came… gushing out of me… nothing was able to absorb the amount of blood I was losing. The only thing I could do was sit on the toilet. I sat there for hours… Bleeding, throwing up into the bathroom trashcan, crying, and sweating.” The bleeding was too heavy to lie in bed, so she was forced to spend the night on the bathroom floor. 

On the phone, Planned Parenthood told her that this reaction was “not abnormal.” 

Not abnormal? 

Despite what they told Abby on the phone, Planned Parenthood tells a very different story publicly. Their website says that the abortion pill is “very safe” and that serious side effects are “rare, but like all medical procedures, there can be some risks.”

But that is not the case…

Countless women are coming forward, sharing their stories about how the abortion pill caused “profuse bleeding,” extreme nausea “like food poisoning,” “a bloody mess,” “unbearable pain,” and the list goes on. It demonstrates once again that…

Pro-Abortionists do not Care About Your Health

Abortion pills have been rolled out and made as readily available as Tylenol. They are now the most widely used form of abortion since President Joe Biden has made it even easier to access abortion pills in response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. In 2021 the court removed the in-person dispensing requirement of the pill. 

This has led to many misdiagnoses, such as in the case of self-termed Jane Doe, whose pregnancy was wrongly diagnosed and who gave birth to a perfectly formed, full-term baby in a toilet after taking the drugs, and is now suing Planned Parenthood. In fact, although the pill is not supposed to be used after ten weeks of pregnancy, there are multiple cases of late-term, pill-induced abortions as a result of poor medical practices and misdiagnoses. 

In other words, the situation has become a hot mess. 

For example, Plan C is a group that has come forward to help women obtain abortion pills easily no matter what. They connect women with untested, overseas pharmacies (an illegal practice) to help them get the drugs fast. Elise Wells, the group’s founder encourages women to obtain pills without medical supervision without necessarily consulting or even telling their doctor, even though the group’s website “cannot guarantee” the illegal pharmacies will be reliable. 

Prior to her gruesome pill-induced abortion, Abby Jonnson worked for Planned Parenthood for years. Recalling her time there, Johnson says Planned Parenthood is not concerned about your health. “Forget health care,” Johnson says, “this is about abortion, which to Planned Parenthood is a political issue.”

Considering how many health complications have resulted from the abortion pill, if Planned Parenthood truly cared, they would at least provide more credible and accurate warnings regarding the abortion pill. 

Choices Cares About Your Health 

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