In recent years, the need for Christians to join one another on many fronts has become increasingly urgent. Choices Pregnancy Centers have never been standalone operations. We function as a part of a greater community of like-minded Christians who take a stand for life. 

For that reason, Choices is proud to announce our new partnership with TPUSA Faith! TPUSA Faith is a branch of the grassroots organization, Turning Point USA, focused on networking with and serving Christian leaders, pastors, local faith groups, community impact events, and Churches across the nation. 

TPUSA Faith was born out of a shared commitment to faith and freedom. America was originally founded upon biblical principles of free speech, the right to life, and the right to live out our faith freely. As our constitutional rights are under attack, many Christians recognize how precious these foundational beliefs are to all of us.

The connection between biblical faith and constitutional freedom must be fought for and protected. TPUSA is passionately committed to educating people regarding these truths, registering voters, leading impactful events, and creating a lasting movement across America. 

The Perfect Partnership 

For years, Choices has taken a stand for life, freedom, and biblical values. As TPUSA Faith got to know us, the connection between our two ministries instinctively fell into place.

TPUSA Faith has partnered with Choices because they provide a safe place for individuals to talk, explore options, seek medical services, learn about available resources, and hear about the hope available to all of us for a better life.

We are overjoyed and honored to join together with this vital ministry. 

Would you like to learn more about TPUSA Faith?

If you are interested in leading a community to defend our God-given rights and restore biblical values in our nation, TPUSA Faith offers support, education, and services. There are many ways to get involved. 

Please visit their website to find out how you can join this movement within your community or help support them.

How Will This Impact Choices?

It offers even more reasons to be excited about what we are doing here at Choices. Choices is broadening, and as our impact reaches even further, we need your support more than ever.

How can you help?

Share the news! Please don’t stop praying for us, donating, partnering with us, and supporting this vital ministry! We have touched thousands of lives, and our earnest desire is to continue to reach even more young women who face a crossroads and provide spiritual and practical care for those in need. 

Reach out to Choices for more information about our ministry, what we do, and our partnership with TPUSA Faith.