In recent months, the validity of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) has been questioned. Some attacks have been literal, physical instances of violence and vandalism. In other cases, it is the popularization of verbal slander and misinformation. 

Amid differing accusations, it can be challenging to find the truth. 

Some claim CPCs are “fake clinics” pretending to offer real healthcare, with workers who dress up in white lab coats and emotionally manipulate women away from abortion. Critics claim that CPCs use deceptive tactics to mislead women into choosing not to have an abortion and that they offer medical care that is not up to standard. However, these claims are baseless and lack evidence.

Choices’ clinics operate under strict medical guidelines and regulations, just like any other medical facility. They are staffed by licensed medical professionals who provide safe and effective medical care to their patients. CPCs are not in the business of deceiving women or manipulating them into making decisions against their wishes. Instead, we offer women the information and support she needs to make an informed decision about her pregnancy.

For example, most CPCs offer free ultrasounds to inform women with a clearer picture of what is going on in her body and with her health. 

Do abortion clinics offer ultrasounds? 


Ultrasounds would be a fundamental practice if abortion clinics truly cared about informing and empowering women to make her own choice

The truth is that while pro-abortion clinics claim to be all about choice, they offer only one option on the menu: abortion. This means that many women at a crossroads, who are confused or having doubts, simply do not know where to turn. She is pressured heavily towards abortion, told that abortion is merely the removal of a clump of cells and that it’s an easy breezy procedure that will have her out the door in no time.

The sad reality? This is highly misleading. Abortion terminates a human life, and it leaves many women feeling devastated in a way that often remains with them their entire life. 

Women Deserve Better HealthCARE, Women Deserve CPCs!!

To fill this gap, CPCs came into existence to help provide comprehensive, necessary medical services for women throughout their pregnancy as well as comfort, encouragement, and support. Choices also offers educational classes (including ones taught by a registered nurse!) and other community-building programs that help women after the birth of their child and beyond. 


Pregnancy centers offer a wide range of services to women, men, and youth facing unexpected pregnancies. Choices’ services include: 


Pregnancy centers are funded through private donations from individuals, churches, foundations, corporations, and government grants. They rely heavily on volunteers who provide their time and resources to ensure that the centers can continue to serve those in need.

Real Healthcare

Choices Pregnancy Centers provides a lifeline to women who may feel alone and unsupported during a difficult time in their lives. We offer hope and encouragement, and we empower women to make an informed choice for their preborn children.

We provide essential medical care, support, and options to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Additionally, we offer programs to help women process their emotions and circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and explore their choices.

Facing an unexpected pregnancy? Contact Choices today or make an appointment!