The alleged focus of the pro-abortion movement centers around the concept of choice: My body, my choice. In contrast, the pro-life movement can be seen as restrictive, accused of urging women to go through with an unwanted pregnancy regardless of circumstances. 

But the definition of *choice* in this context can be misleading and might look different than you think.

The Illusion of Freedom

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can indeed be a life-altering restriction, especially if you are unprepared or uncertain about embracing motherhood. The pro-abortion viewpoint asserts that terminating your preborn child offers immediate freedom from the physical, emotional, and financial challenges associated with raising a child. It can seem like an easy out. 

Yet, as experiences often show, the decisions that seem freeing at first can eventually bring unexpected challenges and feelings of remorse.

Consider this analogy: the choice to stay up all night partying and binging might seem liberating in the moment, but the subsequent exhaustion, compromised health, changes in mental health, and other consequences reveal the hidden burdens of such choices. Similarly, the decision to opt for abortion might provide relief initially, but the potential emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical aftermath can be overwhelming and long-lasting.

Hidden Costs

Choosing what we think will set us free often brings a hidden load of troubles we never saw coming. The bigger the decision, the heavier the subsequent problems. The more we realize the weight of our choice, the deeper the regret and emotional baggage that follows. Many women who have been through abortion openly share that it’s something they carry with them daily – a constant reminder of regret that they wish they didn’t have to face.

One study revealed that 44% of women who went through with an abortion expressed feelings of regret afterward. Numerous women have bravely shared sentiments like, “I’ll never be able to erase what I did from my mind, and I’m struggling to forgive myself,” with some even referring to abortion as “the gravest mistake of my life.”

A Different Kind of Choice

Perhaps the most compelling consideration is recognizing the life growing within the woman’s womb. Advances in ultrasound technology have made it undeniably clear that what is developing inside is not merely a cluster of cells but a unique human being with its own DNA, identity, and destiny. Doesn’t the preborn baby growing inside you deserve to make its own choices? 

Opting to embrace pregnancy and bring your child into the world might indeed impose certain limitations on your life. However, consider the vast realm of opportunities and options it unlocks for the little life in your womb. A lifetime filled with countless choices awaits your baby. In contrast, denying it the opportunity for life contradicts the very definition of freedom and choice.

The Deepest Freedom

Freedom is not what we sometimes think it is. There’s an incredible kind of freedom that comes only when you invest in another person’s life. Jesus once mentioned that there’s more happiness in giving than in getting. (Acts 20:30) Jesus Christ laid down His life for the sake of all, to give us that freedom. 

It feels like a contradiction. We’ve twisted the idea of freedom to mean mere autonomy or getting whatever we want instantly. But the Bible tells us that this is actually the very definition of slavery. 

Choosing a Path of Love and Healing

In a society that often leans towards quick fixes and immediate solutions, Choices Pregnancy Centers encourages a more thoughtful approach. The choices you make, especially during challenging times, can shape lives in ways you might not immediately comprehend.

Choosing life, even in the face of an unplanned pregnancy, is not about limitations. It’s about embracing a journey of love, responsibility, and growth. At Choices, we acknowledge the complexities and difficulties that come with unplanned pregnancies while also valuing the sanctity of life. We are here for you, ready to provide support, resources, and a network of caring advocates who understand that the choices you make today resonate far into the future.

See beyond the illusion of instant freedom and consider the lasting impact of your choices, both for yourself and the lives of the preborn.