Many women believe that men should have no say on the topic of abortion. It’s considered a personal decision, right? “My body, my choice.” Seeking a man’s opinion on abortion would be like asking him which brand of makeup you should use—he has no personal experience and, therefore, no say in the matter. 

Let’s be honest, you should be able to choose what kind of makeup to wear, or what to eat for lunch, for example–those decisions really do concern your own body. But abortion directly concerns someone else’s body. 

So What Does That Have to Do with Men? 

Well, once we acknowledge that women are making a choice for someone else’s body, shouldn’t a man, particularly if he’s the father of that baby, have just as much of a say as the woman? After all, it’s not his body, it’s someone else’s body. 

Is having a uterus a prerequisite for defending having an opinion? 

We don’t think so, but many in our country disagree. It’s actually incredibly ironic that today’s society considers men’s opinion on abortion to be the second rate. So many uphold the claim that women are carrying the child and therefore should have more say in the matter.

But where was that sentiment in 1973?

Back then, the Roe v. Wade decision was made by a Supreme Court that consisted of 9 men. Men’s opinions on abortion are the very reason abortion became legalized in the first place.

Unfortunately, men that support abortion often do so because abortion supports them.

Hook-Up Culture Doesn’t Help

Abortion makes things convenient and easy for the wrong kind of man. It feeds a tendency to take advantage of women, thus enabling men to get what they want without consequences. 

In fact, men are often the voice behind why some women go through with it. One study cites that “almost 30% of those surveyed admitted that they were ‘afraid that they would lose their partner’ if they didn’t abort their pregnancies.” That’s a big burden for one person to carry.

Abortionists claim to make women feel empowered. Yet, the reality is often very different. Many women are left feeling discarded and hurt after being pressured to have an abortion and then dumped. 

The Right Guy

Thankfully, not all men are like this. Even though those 9 Supreme Court Justices did not stand for the most vulnerable people in our society, a good man wants to protect the weak and vulnerable. The right man wants your children. God created women with the precious ability to bear children. A real man will love that about you instead of trying to sidestep it. 

The best man should imitate Jesus Christ, who not only adopted us as His bride but willingly laid down His life for us. He took responsibility for our sins by dying on the cross – the absolute greatest form of love. 

Paul said that a man should “love his wife as Christ loved the church, laying down his life for her” (Ephesians 5:25). Even if you are not married, the right man recognizes this sacrificial behavior as the real definition of love.

Sacrificial love treats you with dignity and respect, prizing and cherishing you, rather than toying with you. Christlike love works to help provide for you and your child rather than ghosting you at the first indication of personal cost. 

Don’t Face it Alone: 

Maybe you’ve experienced this sacrificial love in your life. Or maybe you’re longing for it. Either way, you deserve to feel it! You deserve the love that Christ offers. It’s here for all of us.

Remember this: you’re not the sum of your decisions. So if you’ve considered or even experienced abortion, you’re not alone and you can change your heart. If you are lacking a strong support network and feeling pressured to abort your pregnancy, we are here to help. You can reach out to us anonymously and seek the hope and healing you need. Our Choices advocates are ready and waiting to welcome you with open arms and without judgment. Please contact us or schedule care at one of our four clinics today.