Last week Senator Elizabeth Warren, along with 6 other Democratic Senators, sent a letter to Heartbeat International claiming that the network was engaging in a stunt to appease “big abortion power brokers” and asked them to respond to a series of questions about the security of their clients by October 3.

In their letter, they accused crisis pregnancy centers of lying to women about the security and confidentiality of their personal information, implying that Heartbeat International might share their information with “abortion bounty hunters” who are supposedly seeking to criminalize abortionists and post-abortive women. The senators wrote:

“After luring pregnant people – many in desperate situations – to affiliate CPC facilities by using a variety of false and misleading tactics, Heartbeat International then collects a significant amount of their personal health care information, which in many cases does not appear to be protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).”

In response to this letter, Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International, released a statement saying that Elizabeth Warren and her fellow senators are not actually interested in the real healthcare or safety of women. Not only that, but they have failed to condemn the violent pro-abortion protests which have targeted and vandalized crisis pregnancy centers since the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

“We all know what this is. This is naked politics intended not to help women but to influence elections. Rather than finding ways to help women be able to choose something besides abortion, they have used their political powers to bully those who are helping women make life-affirming choices.”

Godsey finished his address by noting that the senator’s attempts to call out Heartbeat International and question the safety of their clients information is simply a lousy attempt at distracting from the life-saving work that they’ve spent decades doing.

A History of Helping

Originally known as Alternatives to Abortion International (AAI), Heartbeat International has been connecting crisis pregnancy centers to women facing unexpected pregnancies for just over 50 years.

Starting with only 75 contacts around the world, Heartbeat International now serves more than 2,800 affiliated crisis pregnancy centers, maternity houses, and non-profit adoption agencies across the globe.

Heartbeat International helps women seeking services, support, and hope to pregnancy centers like Choices. As they state, “the best alternative to abortion is another person.” And we wholeheartedly agree.

As pro-abortion politicians, organizations, and activists continue to attempt to shut down pregnancy resource centers and spread false information about the services provided or the realities of being pregnant, we are further fueled to push forward and not only combat the pro-abortionists with facts but with the love of Jesus as Christians and a #GreaterLove for the women, babies and families of Phoenix.

Join the Fight

Now that abortion is illegal in the state of Arizona, it is critical that we meet the needs of the women facing unexpected pregnancies.

We are excited to move forward with opening our 4th location, but along with that comes a great financial need to fully staff and supply our new medical clinic so that we may remain available to the women that need us in the Greater Phoenix area.

You can join us in this fight by Donating, Praying, or Volunteering at our new North Phoenix medical center.