Realizing you’re pregnant can be worrisome, especially if it is unplanned. If you are single and not sure that you are ready to be a parent, you can sometimes think that there is only one option: abortion. Many women who find themselves in this situation decide to proceed with a chemical abortion – that is, a series of pills that will terminate the pregnancy by causing a miscarriage – thinking that it is the “easy” thing to do. But almost immediately, they regret their decision.

This is why the Abortion Pill Rescue Network exists: to offer an abortion pill antidote that can prevent you from losing your baby. Despite what you may have been told, abortion pill reversal is real and can give your baby a second chance at life.

What Actually Is The Abortion Pill, Anyway?

Let’s just start with a short explanation of what people mean when they talk about the “abortion pill.” The abortion pill refers to a non-surgical abortion method that can be used before the tenth week of pregnancy to terminate a pregnancy. This two-pill treatment starts by blocking the production of the hormone progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone produced by the mother during pregnancy that is essential to providing nutrients to the fetus. The baby cannot survive this disruption.

A second pill is taken 6 to 48 hours after the first. It induces labor. The drug used in this stage is the same one obstetricians use to induce labor in women who are having difficulty in childbirth, except that the dosage is 20 to 40 times greater. It causes severe cramping and bleeding to occur as the uterine lining sheds and the pregnancy is expelled.

Many women who have undergone a surgical abortion have regretted their decision almost immediately after the procedure. The same is true with many women who take the abortion pill. The difference is, with the abortion pill, there is a short window of time in which the effects of the first pill can be neutralized, allowing you a chance to save your pregnancy. 

There Is a Safe and Effective Solution

If you have taken the first abortion pill and regret your decision, quick action can prevent you from losing your baby. The abortion reversal pill has a 64%-68% success rate if taken within 72 hours, and before the second pill has been taken. Taking the reversal pill within 24 hours of your first abortion pill gives you the best chance of saving your pregnancy. 

You probably have some questions about how this works, and we have answers. But it should comfort you to know that the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol has proven to be simple, safe, and effective. In fact, in cases where reversal has been successful, the mothers went on to have normal pregnancies and normal deliveries, and there were no adverse effects on the babies. For more facts, the Abortion Pill Rescue Network is a good place to start. 

What Is the Abortion Pill Rescue Network?

This is a network comprised of doctors committed to providing the reversal pill to women who regret their decision to undergo a chemical abortion. At Choices Pregnancy Centers, our staff works alongside the network to ensure women who regret their decision will get a second chance. We’ve already experienced the joy of seeing several successful reversals that led to healthy, thriving pregnancies thanks to this protocol.

What Pregnancy Options Do I Have?

Unwanted pregnancies are not uncommon, but abortion is not your only option. Many abortion advocates claim to be “pro-choice” for women? So shouldn’t you know what your choices really are?

There are numerous options available to you besides abortion, and it is our mission to educate you about those choices and what they mean. For example, you can choose to give your baby up for adoption to any of the more than one million couples or families in the United States that are seeking to adopt an infant this year alone–and you can choose whether you want that to be an open or closed adoption. We provide counseling and support to mothers who wish to place their babies up for adoption.

You can also decide to keep the baby. Even if you do not feel that you are quite ready for that step, we can help you prepare and provide you with practical help both during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Our LifePath classes teach you the life skills you need to thrive as a parent, and we also offer classes for your partner, if you think that is the right environment for you and your baby.

Reproductive Counseling in Phoenix, AZ

At Choices Pregnancy Centers, our trained staff are always ready to talk with expectant mothers and educate them about their real choices. After all, unless you know what your options are, you cannot make an informed decision. 

You deserve better than being pressured into a certain choice. Important decisions should not be made in haste. You do have enough time to look into your options, and, if you are troubled about the idea of abortion, you should think carefully about your choices. You want to be sure that, whatever you do, it is a decision you will be comfortable with: now, and for the rest of your life.

Contact Choices Pregnancy centers today and make an appointment to speak to our team about your concerns. We are not here to judge you, but simply to support you, and we can provide you with the confidential care and practical services that you need during this challenging time.