Ever since the overturn of Roe v Wade last June, abortion advocates claim that women’s healthcare suffered a significant reversal. Pro-abortionists argue that, denied abortion services, our nation is experiencing a massive health crisis. 

Do abortion services provide healthcare for women? Before we can answer that, let’s define some terms. 

What is Healthcare?

Webster’s dictionary defines it this way: “Healthcare is the effort to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being, especially by trained and licensed professionals. 

Healthcare does good, helps, restores, fixes.”


Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. If you were to squish an ant or chop off the head of a lizard, would that be healthcare? Of course not. Healthcare, by definition, does not destroy or extinguish life. 

Health care does not harm others. 

So why is the ending of preborn lives considered *healthcare?*

Did You Know?

  • Preborn babies are alive! 

Preborn babies have their own DNA and beating hearts. Biologists agree that a fetus is a fully human, fully alive person. To side-step this issue, pro-abortionists allege that a person is a person based only on personal beliefs. 

In other words, you’re a person when I say you are. 

  • Babies can be medically treated while still in the womb!

Advances in medical technology have made it possible to diagnose and treat many fetal conditions before birth, resulting in a healthy grown child outside of the womb. These treatments include fetal surgery, stem cell therapy, and other interventions that can help babies at risk of serious medical conditions.

If you received similar life-saving treatments and surgeries, you would consider that healthcare. If so, why is a preborn baby not likewise entitled to healthcare? What is the honest difference between the healthcare you or I receive and the healthcare a preborn baby receives? (Remember, preborn babies have the same DNA, organs, and body parts as us! Literally, the only thing they have left to do is grow!) 

Stopping a beating heart is not healthcare.

Abortion is the intentional ending of the life of a preborn baby. To perform an abortion, the preborn baby must be suffocated, deprived of nutrients, injected, or torn apart in the womb before it is removed. This is a brutal and bloody procedure that has no place in healthcare. 

Abortion advocates often try to downplay the reality of what happens during an abortion, using euphemisms like “reproductive healthcare” or “terminating a pregnancy.” But the truth is that abortion is the deliberate ending of a human life.

Furthermore, studies have shown that abortion can have long-term physical and mental health consequences for women, including an increased risk of breast cancer, depression, and suicide. Furthermore, at-home abortions are a risky and dangerous practice that has harmed many women due to complications from a lack of oversight by medical professionals. 

Not healthcare. 

The Reaction From Pro-Abortionists

To keep propagating its position, Planned Parenthood has a no-debate debate policy – meaning they refuse to even engage in this conversation. We have plenty of evidence, but Planned Parenthood is not interested in hearing it. Instead, they rely on quick, easy, and misleading slogans to push their agenda.

They claim to offer healthcare for women, but their main focus is on providing abortions. Even Planned Parenthood’s annual report cites: “In 2019-20, abortions made up 96.6% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy resolution services, while prenatal services, miscarriage care, and adoption referrals accounted for only a small percentage of services offered.”

Not healthcare. 

Choices Offer Real Healthcare for Women!

Choices Pregnancy Centers are staffed by medical professionals including a full-time OB/GYN, and we offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.  

If you need pregnancy services, or just a caring person to talk to, please reach out to us, make an appointment, or give us a call today.