No matter how close you and your partner are, you will face conflict at some point in your relationship. You might not even know how much you care about something until it comes up. 

Most women don’t think much about abortion, for example, until facing an unwanted pregnancy. If this is the case, you may be feeling confused. 

It can be even more confusing if your partner has already made up his mind–and wants an abortion. If you feel differently or are unsure of what to do, it’s essential to take the time to think about it.

If your partner feels strongly, you may need some space apart–it can be hard to think clearly when you feel pressured. As you consider your options, here are some questions to ask yourself before you commit to a decision:  

  • Does your partner value your thoughts and opinions? 

Conflict is the ultimate testing point for any relationship causing many couples to develop toxic habits. For example, if one person calls the shots and the other habitually caves to “keep the peace,” that is not healthy. 

You deserve to feel listened to and respected in your relationship, especially regarding heavier topics such as abortion. If this is not the case, It may mean you must leave your relationship or take some time apart. 

An unwanted or unplanned pregnancy complicates an already aggravated situation. Please don’t attempt to handle this problem alone. Many resources are available to women in this situation, and a host of counselors and advocates can help you walk through this in a caring and non-judgmental way. 

  • Do you feel pressured to have an abortion?

It’s one thing to hold separate opinions from your partner on various topics. It’s a totally different situation if you feel pressured to act on those opinions. 

Countless women have felt pressured to get an abortion that they deeply regretted later. Ask yourself why he is pressuring you.

It’s possible that he truly cares for you and knows you are not in a place where you could raise a baby. Maybe you are still very young yourself. But if you feel any hesitation or qualms, please seek outside help before acting. There are many options besides abortion, and the regret many women feel afterward is very real

Many men want their women to get an abortion so that they can have a free pass. Sadly, many men want to enjoy the advantages of a sexual relationship without suffering consequences. 

You should never have to feel pressured to get an abortion from anyone.

Does your partner see your unborn child as a problem or an inconvenience? A truly honorable man understands that pleasure always comes with responsibility. He will not try to separate fun from sacrifice. 

Real love is willing to sacrifice itself for the sake of another. 

A good man stays even when things get hard, expensive, or inconvenient. You deserve to have this kind of love in your relationship. 

  • What are the facts about abortion?

Did you know that today even *pro-abortion* biologists and bioethicists consider an unborn baby a human being? Ultrasound tech and modern medicine have forced even the staunchest pro-abortionists to admit this truth.

 Consider the facts:

  • A baby has its own DNA (separate from the mother’s) at conception.
  • By the 17th week of pregnancy, an unborn baby shows a clear response to pain.
  • Unborn babies practice breathing, crying, and breastfeeding in the womb. 
  • The fetal heart beats over 20 million times and circulates about 55 quarts of blood per day. 

These and many other proven facts attest to the truth: the baby you carry is alive! Your baby is not *your body* but has a body of its own and a chance at life. 

If you feel unsure or confused, reach out to Choices Pregnancy Center today. We offer classes, free ultrasounds, resources, and support

Remember, you have nothing to lose by having just one conversation with someone who cares about you!