If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel trapped and stuck in a life you never asked for. Even the possibility of enduring nine long months of pregnancy followed by giving birth might seem like a total loss of freedom—like all your choices are being stripped away. 

The “right to choose” an abortion might suddenly seem all important. 

For Terri, this was certainly true. “ I was in college, excited to be free and on my own,” she said. “I met the man of my young dreams, and we dated for four years. Then, one day, I found myself pregnant and scared. A baby was not in my plans for college, fun, or freedom. Because my boyfriend didn’t want children, he suggested abortion. I started believing the lies in my head…”

The truth is every choice comes with consequences.

What is Freedom of Choice?

We like to think of free choice like an open road, no barriers, no rules, only the wind in your hair. 

Planned Parenthood defines free choice this way: “My body, my choice,” or “Bans off our Bodies.” They represent freedom as the choice to get what you want when you want. But this is very misleading…

Free choice does not mean simply having what you want–no limits, no restrictions. 

In fact, free choice—by definition—always comes with restrictions.

Choosing where you want to grab lunch is the perfect example of a free choice. Yet as soon as you decide Thai food over burgers, as soon as you select a menu item, you have imposed restrictions on yourself. 

In other words, you literally can’t freely enjoy your lunch until you submit to a limitation. You will never have the freedom to enjoy anything without restrictions.

Freedom and restrictions are not enemies

Sooo… What does this have to do with abortion?

The choice for abortion is no different than any other choice we make—It comes with a cost. The problem? In this case, the cost is much bigger than the choice of tofu over sushi. 

Planned Parenthood talks as if choosing an abortion was no different from choosing your lunch or having a tooth pulled. But the choice for abortion is very different.

What are the Costs of Abortion?


In the early days, abortionists referred to an unborn baby as a “clump of cells.” Now we know this is not true. Did you know that “fetus” is just another word for “baby” in Latin? 

Biologists overwhelmingly agree that the unborn baby inside of you is a person. Shouldn’t that person have the right to grow up and make choices? 


Sadly, after having had an abortion, countless women suffer the grief of loss for the rest of their lives. 

Years after having her abortion, Amanda says, “27 years later my heart still aches for my baby and what I did. It’s a regret that never goes away. I still remember my due date and imagine what my child would be doing now. It’s a pain I would never wish on anyone…” 

Understand Your Choices

At Choices Pregnancy Centers, that is what we stand for: giving you the facts so that, when you do choose, you understand the cost. Planned Parenthood does not offer ultrasounds, but we do! We offer free ultrasounds so that when it comes time to choose, you will be fully informed about what is going on in your body.

We also offer LifePath classes for both men and women. These teach you about pregnancy, childbirth, and topics related to caring for a baby, such as breastfeeding and safe sleep. 

We can also offer adoption resources and can help you navigate the adoption process if you choose to give your baby up. That’s a lot of choices! Make an appointment to talk with one of our caring staff members today.