Recently, pro-abortionists have introduced “period pills,” presenting them as an easy solution for missed periods and potential pregnancies. These pills are marketed as a convenient way to address a missed period, but in reality, they are nothing more or less than chemical abortion. 

What Are Period Pills?

Period pills are, in essence, the abortion pill under a different name and with a new marketing spin. They typically consist of misoprostol paired with either methotrexate or mifepristone, whose purpose is to chemically induce a miscarriage. 

Pro-abortionists present these pills as a safe, harmless way to terminate a pregnancy, but the term “period pills” is highly misleading at best. It creates the illusion that you are merely restarting your menstrual cycle, which is far from the truth.

Misleading Advertising:

Taking “period pills” has been compared to getting vaccinated before traveling abroad or using contraceptives before engaging in sexual activity. However, this comparison is misleading and ignores a fundamental distinction: vaccines and contraceptives are *preventative measures* while period pills are not. They are not about your menstrual cycle, but instead, period pills end the life of a pre-born child.

This deceptive advertising preys on vulnerable women facing uncertainty about their pregnancies. It reassures women, making it seem like they are correcting minor inconsistencies in their bodies rather than snuffing out a life.

For example, one woman who faced an unwanted pregnancy felt the relief of simply popping a pill without verifying her pregnancy. 

She said, “It would be easier on my emotional well-being to not know I was actually pregnant but to alleviate the issue, which is my missed period.”

Or, as another woman put it, “I feel like there would be more reason for women to come to a place where they can just spur their period on. It would be a psychological cushion, in a sense, for those women who may be unsure of their own feelings on abortion, pregnancy, and sexual health in general.” 

This deceptive shift in emphasis demonstrates the subtle game pro-abortionists are playing. It is no longer “abortion.” It is simply correcting a missed period. It provides women a cushion so that they don’t have to face what’s really going on. 

How to Spot a Scam:

When it comes to decisions about your body, heart, and mind, you deserve the full truth. Recognizing whether something is legitimate or a scam is essential. The age-old saying, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” applies here. 

In essence, scams never change. It would be nice if life offered us magical “make it all go away” pills, but it does not. 

The truth? At fertilization, a distinct life is created within you—a preborn baby with its DNA, blood type, and body. The period pill effectively terminates this preborn baby’s life. 

The Period Pill Narrative: 

Proponents of period pills admit that they should not be taken past 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy due to risks to the mother’s health. Yet period pills are freely handed out like Tylenol, dropping the requirement of an in-person confirmation of pregnancy or ultrasound dating the pregnancy. This assumes all women have regular periods and are acutely aware of their menstrual cycle schedule.

This overlooks the fact that many women might be further along in their pregnancies without realizing it. Many women have irregular menstrual cycles and might not know they are pregnant until weeks or even months into gestation. 

But It Gets Worse…

The period pill narrative also ignores other health risks. For example, in the case of ectopic pregnancies, taking these pills can endanger the mother’s life, but they don’t bother to verify this. Additionally, the claim that only a minority of women experience health problems from these pills is misleading, as many women report severe cramping, bleeding, and the distressing sight of their preborn child being expelled into a toilet.

“Period pills” are a deceptive and dangerous product, both in their misleading marketing and in their potential harm to mothers and their preborn babies. 

What Can You Do?

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