The United States Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overturning Roe v. Wade has changed the landscape in the fight for the life of the pre-born, and even more attention is being brought to the issue of abortion across the nation. As more and more people are taking this opportunity to speak up for the rights of the pre-born, it is imperative that even more helping hands reach out with a message of hope and love for young women, young men, and their babies and families. 

At Choices, we have been helping young women, men, and mothers for almost 40 years, providing assistance, education, and medical support, and sharing with them the message of the Gospel that they are loved, and that new life is a gift of that love.

Now, more than ever, it is clear that this positive message is resonating with a new generation of youth dismayed and disappointed by the message of fear, isolation, and despair that is the hallmark of the abortion industry. At Choices, we welcome this new generation, and encourage them to live out the hope that the Dobbs opinion has put within reach: restoring a culture of life to our nation. And we need energetic and capable life-warriors to join our efforts directly by working at any of our Phoenix-area clinics.

Responding To Even Greater Needs in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Here at Choices, we are seeing an ever increasing need to help young women facing an unexpected pregnancy in a culture that has devalued the precious miracle of new life. Whether in the form of practical aid such as providing infant supplies, or in providing financial support for the work we do, everyone can play a part. Right now, Choices is also looking for qualified candidates to fill a number of positions at our Mesa, Glendale, and Phoenix locations.

Women deserve better. They especially deserve better healthcare, and we’re making a concerted effort to provide that at Choices. With a Board-Certified OBGYN on staff, Choices offers more than just healthcare for women. Choices offers the love of Christ to the Phoenix community and beyond. Each and every staff member and volunteer is passionate about conveying this love to anyone who walks through the doors of our centers. 

Be A Part Of Something Bigger

If you are passionate about working in a job that has real meaning and can make a real difference, we need you at Choices. You will work in an atmosphere of caring, compassionate staff who take time out of every day to pray, read the Bible, and give glory to God with every task. Each life we save, and each soul we console, is a reason to rejoice and celebrate, and we invite you to be a part of our mission.

We know that you have life and family responsibilities, and Choices offers comprehensive benefits and a generous holiday and vacations package to all of our full-time employees, so that you can give generously of yourself every day you work here without worrying about providing for your own family. 

Most importantly, the women and men we help are truly looking for answers and hope, and it is our mission to provide that. If you like helping people, if you want to make a real difference, if you are someone who feels inspired to change the world for the better one life at a time – please come talk to us. We’d love to work together to help support women, families, and babies.