In May of 2021, Choices saw success with our first official Abortion Pill Reversal when Maria called the center at 1am, plagued by feelings of remorse.  She had taken the abortion pill earlier that day and instantly regretted her decision. Through our abortion pill reversal program, Maria was able to take the Abortion Pill antidote – just 90 minutes after contacting Choices. 10 hours after that, Maria had a no-cost ultrasound at the Choices clinic, where a healthy infant heartbeat proved that life sometimes offers a second chance.

This story of redemption was celebrated by all – especially since it occurred weeks before our official plan to roll out the APR Program at Choices. Knowing that God’s ways are higher than ours, we were humbled to trust Him and His timing – even if it was a little early for us! This trust was again made visible this past weekend.  

At 7PM on Sunday evening, young and fearful Taylor* took the abortion pill. Just hours later, she called into the Abortion Pill Reversal Network, hoping for that second chance. The APR Network notified a Choices Registered Nurse at 6:45am the next morning, at which time they immediately reached out to Taylor to verify her information. The nurse proceeded to call in a prescription for Progesterone to Taylor’s pharmacy, giving her instructions for the reversal protocol. Taylor was able to take the antidote to the abortion pill within hours of her feeling regret. As is typical, Taylor was then scheduled for an ultrasound at our center at 9am Monday morning.

That morning, the ultrasound showed a tiny little miracle. It showed a heartbeat at 145 bpm. It showed a 7-week, 3-day-old baby.  Most importantly, it showed that redemption is part of God’s plan – for humanity, and for Taylor and her baby.

Immediately after the ultrasound, a same day appointment was made with one of the top OBGYN’s in the Valley to begin prenatal care for Taylor and her baby. Everyone came together to joyfully (and quickly) serve! From the prayer warriors and generous donors behind these organizations, to the APR staff, to the Choices RN, to the OBGYN – an entire network of people showed up that day. They showed up to do God’s will and protect the preborn.  

That is why we’re here.  And that is why you’re reading this. It takes each of us coming together to work as God’s hands and feet – to engage with the life movement in a tangible way – to show up.  It’s your prayer and support that fuels our mission. 

So we thank you. Thank you for being a part of supporting women and children. Because of you, they both have a second chance at life.

Abortion Pill Reversals are always offered to Choices patients at no cost. However, there are operations costs involved for Choices to do so. To learn how you can directly support our Abortion Pill Reversal program, please sign up for our e-newsletter or contact Choices here.

*names have been changed for patient privacy