In 2000, the FDA approved RU486, more commonly known as the abortion pill. It is now the most common method of abortion in the United States, accounting for roughly 54% of all abortions. 

The implications of this are staggering, particularly when you realize that the FDA has liberalized the ability of women to obtain this pill without adequate medical oversight. The FDA has pushed hard to enable doctors to prescribe this drug via telemedicine appointments and for the drug even to be sent through the mail.

Deceptive “Healthcare”

The appeal of the pill to the pro-abortion factions is clear. It has enabled pro-abortion proponents to sanitize the horrific aspects of abortion by treating it as just another pill to be taken “fix” a “health problem,” like penicillin or aspirin. The ease with which the pill is now dispensed and taken hides from young women the reality of what they are doing–and when they face that reality by ultimately “delivering” the deceased infant and placenta, it is too late.

Abortion Pill Antidote

But there may be a silver lining to this method in contrast to surgical abortions. In surgical abortions, nothing can be done to reverse the process, and young women have to learn to live with the regret and grief that often accompanies an abortion.

But if a young woman takes the abortion pill and experiences feelings of regret, fear, and guilt within a day or two, there is hope. To date, doctors have had multiple successes in reversing the effects of the abortion pill, enabling young women to deliver healthy, thriving babies on time and with no added complications to the mother or the child. 

One obstetrician in Florida, Dr. William Lile, has been one of the most vocal advocates for helping women who have regretted taking the abortion pill, and has personally assisted several young women faced with this terrible situation–and then gone on to deliver their healthy babies! 

The methodology is simple: the abortion pill blocks the production of the natural hormone progesterone, which is necessary to support the blood supply to the baby in the uterus. That blood gives the baby the oxygen and nutrition it needs to grow. By inhibiting the production of progesterone, RU486 essentially starves and suffocates the baby. But by giving patients progesterone, doctors can often undo the effects of the abortion pill, and keep oxygen and nutrients flowing to the baby, saving its life.

A Homegrown Victory

Just this past month, the Choices Pregnancy Center got to play a direct part in saving the life of a pre-born child whose mother had instantly regretted taking the abortion pill. Working with, We were able to direct a young mother to a doctor who could help.

We share with you this heartwarming and hopeful letter that we were able to send out just a short time ago, and we pray that this story will be repeated over and over, as we encourage young women to not only choose life, but to embrace the precious life that God has gifted to them, and to embrace the hope for a brighter future that new life represents.

Last night, our Director of Medical Services received our first-ever Abortion Pill Rescue call! The caller took the abortion pill and immediately felt regret.

After reaching out to an advocate from the Abortion Pill Rescue program, they contacted our Mesa Clinic on her behalf. Michelle, our Director of Medical Services, promptly called in the prescription and scheduled a consultation.

That’s precisely when the Choices staff at all three centers and corporate offices paused in prayer.

Today, we have a heartbeat!

This is our first rescue! Our first of many lives saved thanks to the prayer and efforts of so many faithful souls . . . thanks to the courage of this young mother and her willingness to cooperate with God’s plan for LIFE.

Please join us in thanking God for the chance to save this life and to show love, truth, and hope to this brave woman!

If you have questions about reversing the effects of the abortion pill, or if you know of someone who has an unexpected pregnancy and needs help, support, or information, please call Choices Pregnancy Center today