Conversations about abortion can be emotionally charged. If you have pro-choice family members, you might struggle to talk to them about your pro-life values. To facilitate the discussion, you can find a private location, find common ground, and respond to their opinions with grace.

When to Talk to Family

It’s always best to hold challenging discussions in a private, relaxed setting. Don’t talk to your relatives about abortion while out in public or when surrounded by others because they might not feel comfortable. Instead, avoid disrupting family occasions and find a quiet time to speak one-on-one. During the discussion, stay calm and don’t come off as combative. Instead, take the time to listen to your family members and their views.

You can gently counter their arguments with examples and, if appropriate, evidence from the Bible. One way of finding common ground is by discussing the need for support. Almost everyone agrees that women facing an unexpected pregnancy need affordable, confidential medical treatment.

Talking to Children 

You can instill positive values in your children at an early age. Most children are naturally pro-family, and they love babies. To solidify this tendency, you can explain the issue in an age-appropriate way, using storybooks like Pro-Life Kids! or Little Lives Matter; non-graphic photos; and even movies. If you have family members or friends who are expecting a baby, you can involve your children in the process to help them understand the importance of life in the womb.

Discussing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Women who find out they are unexpectedly pregnant are often pressured into having an abortion by their family or their partner. This can have a detrimental effect on their mental and physical health, often for decades. If someone in your family fell pregnant accidentally, it’s even more important to speak up. By discussing various options, such as adoption or keeping the baby, and by referring your loved one to a pregnancy center, you might save a life.

Resources from Your Nearest Crisis Pregnancy Center

If you’re not sure how to approach your family members or you’re in a difficult situation, contacting your nearest pregnancy center is the best first step. At Choices, we provide counseling, post-abortion support, LifePath classes, and medical care for people facing an unexpected pregnancy. After the baby is born, we can help with emergency baby supplies, such as diapers and clothes.

We also provide prayer resources. Our prayer webinars and monthly guides can inspire you and your family to include women and unborn children in your prayers.

Speaking about abortion with family members can be a challenge, especially if their views are different from yours. To make the discussion go smoothly, find an appropriate environment, remain calm, and try to find common ground. Call us at Choices to book an appointment with a counselor or a medical professional.