During her appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, Live Action founder and president Lila Rose discussed the topic of abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade. The discussion mainly focused on Nancy Davis, a woman whose pregnancy was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition and who was told that her baby would most likely die in the womb.

The media made a big deal out of Davis’ situation, portraying her as being forced to travel to New York for an abortion when in reality, she could have easily obtained an abortion in Louisiana. Despite being outnumbered by pro-abortionists, Rose received an outpouring of support from the viewers after the episode aired. However, her segment has since been “unlisted” from Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel as he began to receive backlash regarding the lack of civility and “open-mindedness” he seems to encourage from his audience members toward the pro-life activists.

The Dr. Phil Show “Unlists” Season Opener

The video is not publicly viewable on the Dr. Phil Show’s YouTube page, nor will it appear in search results. Instead, it is only available to those who have the link. A four-minute clip of the segment is the only video publicly available on the platform, and the comments section of that video has since been filled with continued praise for Rose.

During the episode, Rose was joined by Louisiana Senator Katrina Jackson and Susan Swift, the VP of Legal Affairs for the Right to Life League. Ben Crump, the attorney representing Davis, and Christian Nunes, the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), also appeared on the show.

Pro-Life Advocates Are Silenced

The majority of the audience members were in favor of abortion, and Rose, Jackson, and Swift were not given the opportunity to speak without interruption.

According to Swift, the debate on the show was one-sided. During the taping, pro-life individuals were hardly able to speak. Dr. Phil also reportedly suppressed the pro-life perspective.

It’s unclear why the video was unlisted, but it’s widely believed that the adverse reaction to the segment was the reason for the decision to hide it. The show’s goal was clearly to promote abortion while also presenting the pro-life advocates in an unfavorable light.

Speak Up In The Silence

With the recent stay on the injunction that would make abortion illegal in Arizona and the silencing of pro-life voices in the media, it is critical that we remain accessible and visible to the women, babies, and families in Arizona. 

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