Abortion. We hear about it everywhere. It’s a word that’s almost haunting, especially for someone who may have had one. Still, many people minimize its importance, calling it “no big deal,” – just a “blob of tissue” or a “clump of cells” that is removed from your body. 

Then why do so many women who have undergone a chemical or surgical abortion feel deeply troubled by their decision? Why do feelings of guilt and remorse chase them for months, or even years, nagging at them?

More importantly, how does one deal with these feelings, especially in a social atmosphere where pro-life advocates and pro-abortion activists are practically at war? 

Don’t Allow The Culture to Tell You How to Feel as a Woman

Many women don’t sit in either camp. They feel like they cannot tell their story to someone who advocates in favor of abortion, because they’re not supposed to feel conflicted about what happened; they’re supposed to “shout their abortion” or “just get over it”. 

Others may be afraid that, if they tell someone who is pro-life, they may be judged and rejected. Where can they go? To whom can they open up?

You Are Not Alone

If you’ve had an abortion, you really are not alone. Did you know that over a million women get an abortion in the United States every year? And out of that group, huge numbers of them experience some emotional trauma following the abortion–even those who were absolutely sure that, at the time they got the abortion, it is what they really wanted to do. Over half of them experience suicidal feelings. Some of those go so far as to actually attempt it . . . and, tragically, some of them even succeed.

Many others develop eating disorders, or problems with managing anger. Over half have trouble building or maintaining new relationships. Nine out of ten become emotionally withdrawn. There are many ways that women respond to what has happened, and how you respond is unique to you, and to your own story. There is even a name for what you are feeling: Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS).

Abortion experiences are all unique to every individual. Maybe you were very young. Maybe you were in an abusive relationship. Maybe your boyfriend or husband put pressure on you. Maybe you were afraid of what it would do to your college plans. Or your career. Or your relationships with friends and family. Maybe you just thought it was the thing that everyone does in your situation.

Whatever the circumstances, you made a decision that has undoubtedly changed your life.

You may have been at peace with your decision at the time, or perhaps for years afterwards. Maybe you regretted it right away. In either case, the experience affected you deeply, and you are somehow not the same person as you were before this happened. 

Wouldn’t you like an avenue to release and explore your feelings, and to find a way to truly move on? The truth is, none of us can undo what has already been done, but all of us can find a way to heal and help one another. And that is exactly what we want to offer you.

Find Compassionate Hope and Healing

When it comes to abortion, women are the ones who are saddled with the burden of making this most difficult choice, a choice that is truly one over life or death. Is it any wonder that women might be traumatized by the experience? Especially when these decisions are forced onto women who are so young, so vulnerable, and so alone. At Choices, we understand this. No, you are not perfect. But no one is. And that is why God’s mercy is so important – not just to you, but to all of us. Let us never forget his unwavering and generous forgiveness, and offer that to ourselves and each other.

At Choices, we are not here to judge you. Our mission is simply to help you see yourself as you truly are – as God made you. We are not going to tell you that your abortion and your feelings about it are meaningless and unimportant. On the contrary, we know just how meaningful they are. And, as you work your way through your experience and your feelings about it, we will do our best to guide you in understanding how that experience should bring you to a greater love of God, and a greater love of self. 

If you have had an abortion in the past, and you are having any difficulty in coming to terms with it, contact Choices today. We offer free, confidential post-abortion counseling to women of all ages and backgrounds, and we welcome you to join us, and to finally find hope and healing after your abortion.