Taking control of your sexual health involves more than just avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. Individuals who have multiple relationships have a responsibility to themselves and any sexual partner to receive regular STD testing. At Choices in Phoenix, AZ, we offer low-cost STD testing and resources to help you stay healthy and informed.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are infections transferred from person to person via vaginal, anal, or oral sex. There are many common misconceptions about STDs. For example, many mistakenly think that you will know if you have one and be able to tell if someone else has one. Unfortunately, this belief is untrue; some STDs have noticeable symptoms, but others can go undetected for years.

At Choices, we provide affordable testing and offer the community the opportunity to learn about reproductive health, healthy relationships, parenting, and other topics through our Lifepath classes.

How Do You Get an STD?

You can contract an STD by engaging in sexual activities with an infected person. Since sexually transmitted diseases are spread through bodily fluids, it is still possible to catch STDs without having vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Although it is less common, activities like mutual masturbation can spread STDs if either person comes in contact with their partner’s bodily fluids.

Take Control of Your Sexual Health

Even though many STDs are asymptomatic, the damage they can cause to your body if left untreated is significant. Cancer, liver damage, and infertility are all long-term effects you are susceptible to apart from prevention and treatment. Unfortunately, some of the most common STDs don’t cause symptoms until they have already damaged your body.

The CDC explains that the only guaranteed way to prevent STDs entirely is by refraining from sexual intercourse. The next best thing is to choose to engage in sexual activities only within a committed, monogamous relationship. If you decide to have sex with multiple partners, you are at great risk, and regular STI testing is essential to protecting your and your partner’s health.

How Do You Treat Them?

If you catch an STD early, most are treatable with a course of antibiotics. Having the ability to treat STIs before they damage your body is why it is so important to be tested regularly. Remember that even if you use condoms, there is still a risk that you could catch something. 

Sometimes people put off testing because they feel ashamed or are scared. Don’t let this prevent you from getting the testing you need. With at least 20 million people in the U.S. contracting an STI each year, you are not alone and need to seek the care you deserve.

Free Pregnancy and STD Testing in Phoenix, AZ

Choices serves the community by providing accessible testing and healthcare. Whether you are making an appointment to learn if you are pregnant, seeking STD testing, or looking for support after abortion, we are here to offer you the care you need.

Take control of your sexual and reproductive health with regular STD testing. Contact Choices today to make an appointment and have peace of mind knowing you are caring for your health and your partner’s health.