In July, a car was generously donated to Choices to help a mom in need. In partnership with Dream City Church, Choices called on JC Supercars to help repair the used car back to new and to find a local mom deserving of it.

JC Supercars: A Car Repair Ministry For Single Moms

JC Supercars was founded in 2013, almost 20 years after the passing of Shan Michael Trudeau. Aaron Trudeau, Shan’s younger brother, was left behind along with their parents and Shan’s daughter who would be born nearly 2 months later.

Shan struggled with addiction for years and eventually took his own life in the midst of his struggle. Out of this tragedy was born a selfless ministry.

In honor of Shan’s life and his daughters, JC Supercars was founded by Aaron to “provide reliable transportation for single moms.” [1] Over the years, JC Supercars has received, repaired, and gifted cars (averaging one a month) to single moms in need around Phoenix.

Meet Desiree

Once the repairs were completed on the car that had been donated to Choices, JC Supercars helped find and surprise a local mom in need, Desiree.

Desiree had been taking two buses every day to get her daughter to preschool and then walking a mile to get to work. This daily trek was no easy feat, but Desiree’s selfless love for her daughter kept her going. So JC Supercars knew Desiree would be the perfect recipient for this newly-repaired vehicle.

At 6am one day, JC Supercars showed up at Desiree’s bus stop to surprise her with her new car, and the surprise was caught on film!

You can watch the video here.

Choices and Dream City Church were so honored to be a part of this. Together with JC Supercars and our generous donor, we were able to meet the needs of a much-deserving mom and her daughter.

Get Involved!

Do you, too, feel called to help women in our area? We believe that showing them love and kindness will benefit not only them but our entire community. You have a powerful opportunity to get involved with this ministry.

At Choices, we are always looking for prayer partners and volunteers to help us speak life and spread hope in the greater Phoenix area. If you’re interested in coming alongside us, visit our website at or subscribe to our newsletter. We can’t wait to serve together!

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