Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys are representing Dr. Eric Hazelrigg, an obstetrician and medical director of Choices Pregnancy Centers in Arizona, in a petition filed with the Arizona Supreme Court. The petition is asking the court to reverse an appeal court’s ruling that rewrote the state’s pro-life law and to lift an injunction that prevented the law from taking effect. The details of the pro-life law and the injunction are not provided in the statement.


In September 2022, the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County appointed Dr. Eric Hazelrigg as the guardian ad litem to represent the best interests of preborn children in Arizona. Additionally, the court ruled that the state is free to enforce its pre-Roe v. Wade law that offers protection from the harms of abortion, thereby granting then Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s request to lift the injunction against the state’s pro-life law. 


The Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys argued for this result in a brief filed in August 2022, asking the court to lift the injunction against the pro-life law that had been blocked based on Roe v. Wade. It is unclear from the statement whether the court’s ruling has been appealed or if any further legal action has been taken.


“Pro-life laws like the one in Arizona not only help protect the lives of countless innocent, unborn children, but they also protect the dignity and health of women by providing real support during a difficult time,” said ADF Senior Counsel Mark Lippelmann. “We’re pleased to represent Dr. Hazelrigg, who has been appointed to speak on behalf of countless unborn children who cannot yet speak on their own.”


“Arizona is eager to preserve the innocent lives of children and restore dignity to women and the medical profession,” said ADF Senior Counsel Denise Harle, director of the ADF Center for Life. “Since Attorney General Mayes has said she refuses to defend the state’s duly enacted pro-life law, we urge the Arizona Supreme Court to grant our petition for review and uphold this critical law that protects the lives of mothers and their children.”


ADF attorneys stated that “Arizonans deserve to have their laws fully enforced. They made their voice heard at the ballot box—electing Legislature after Legislature to protect life as much as possible. And lawmakers delivered. Then the appeals court rewrote [the state’s pro-life law], doing with a pen what abortion proponents could not do with a vote. That’s not how a republic works. Only this Court can fix it.”

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Dr. Hazelrigg not only advocates politically for preborn children but also dedicates himself as a full-time doctor in our clinics, providing assistance to mothers who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies and advocating for the protection of the preborn.

He established Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare in 2000 with the aim of offering personalized medical care. He finds it a privilege and an honor to be part of the Obstetrics and Gynecology field, providing services to meet the needs of women and their babies. We are thrilled to include him among our full-time staff.  

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