With their motto “Care. No Matter What.”, Planned Parenthood works hard to create a “pro-woman” image, promising support and help for women in times of trouble. Yet Planned Parenthood’s mission is not about helping women at all. The truth is, they find it more lucrative to keep women uninformed, feeling trapped and often without options, instead of offering the knowledge to make informed and mature decisions. This is not care. This is not love.

When Planned Parenthood doles out birth control pills like candy and talks about sexual activity like it’s “no big deal,” Planned Parenthood is really acting out the role of a very bad parent. Instead of encouraging responsibility, they encourage promiscuity. This is made evident by this advice taken directly from their own website:

“…sexual pleasure has lots of health benefits — whether you’re with a partner or not. When you have an orgasm, your body gives you a natural high. You release endorphins, which are hormones that block pain and make you feel good.” 

With a statistically proven audience as young as 12 years old, this blatant encouragement of promiscuity almost pressures girls to be sexually active at a young age, a tactic that only then drives more profit their way. Yet Planned Parenthood keeps their lucrative hustle obscure at best. They actually have a long history of questionable business practices used in an effort to make money through secretive dealings.

Selling Lies is Profitable

Prominent among these “back-alley” deals is Planned Parenthood’s underhand attempts to sell the mutilated body parts of aborted babies for sheer profit. Direct testimonies from Planned Parenthood employees admit that “there is no longer any reasonable doubt that Planned Parenthood sold fetal body parts, commodifying living children in the womb and treating pregnant women like a cash crop…” 

Planned Parenthood’s mission is not to help young women plan for parenthood at all. 

It is about helping young women stay perpetually uninformed when they should instead be empowered to make better decisions. That’s because Planned Parenthood is interested more in ‘job security for their billion-dollar enterprise than they are in women and babies. 

When you’re a young woman in trouble and afraid, you want to find someone who will be by your side, who eases all your worries, who promises to take care of you, who steps in to wipe away all your troubles. When you are a young child, your mother is that person.  And that’s the way it should be because good parents have your best interests in mind, and truly want to take care of you out of love. 

So when Planned Parenthood steps in with a message that mimics these sentiments, is it any wonder that so many young women want to listen? But Planned Parenthood is not a mother, and young women are not their children. Planned Parenthood does not have their best interests in mind. Planned Parenthood is selling a lie.

How ironic it is that women (Planned Parenthood staff included) who call themselves “feminists” are the ones keeping women down, infantilizing them by telling them to ignore the biological realities of their own bodies, to ignore how important it is that women step up to take responsibility for themselves and for the children they conceive, and to take real control of their lives. How ironic that their message is: Don’t depend on a man or yourself to stand up and take care of you and the baby you both created. Depend on us instead to get rid of it. Keep us in business, or there won’t be anyone here to get you out of the predicament we helped to put you in!

Not surprisingly, many men are often happy to go along with their plan. It removes the burden of responsibility for them, too. Planned Parenthood is a broken, immature, irresponsible, predatory man’s dream come true. Time after time, workers at Planned Parenthood have exposed the organization for failing to report sexual abuse and human trafficking. Planned Parenthood willingly turns a blind eye to it, knowing that bringing any attention to it–even when required by law, even when young girls are sent right back out to be rejoined with their abusers–will expose the sordid underpinnings of their lucrative empire.

As Patrina Mosley put it, “They have only proven that they are in the business of providing abortions no matter what the cost is to women, even as they welcome the business of sex abusers and sex traffickers.” [2]

It’s a convenient and clever scheme and a very lucrative one for Planned Parenthood. Not every business can create its own market. Planned Parenthood is like a fire department that promotes arson. Only, every time Planned Parenthood puts out a “fire”, they effectively destroy two precious lives, and jeopardize two priceless souls. That’s how they collect their paychecks.

Together, We Are Fighting Back For Women

Women deserve better. They should not be patronized and demeaned with deception. They need to be strengthened and emboldened with the truth. If you really want to call yourself a feminist, be proud of being a woman, and recognize what being a woman means. How can we call something “feminism” if it hates what the female body is designed to do?

To women who truly cherish what womanhood means, the ability to get pregnant and bear children is most definitely a strength. It is also a blessing to be treasured and respected. And this is as it should be. Because the ability to nurture new life in their wombs and bring children into the world is something that raises women above even the angels.

This is how Choices wants women to see themselves. It is a better brand of ‘feminism’ because it shows women greater respect and greater love–God’s own love. 

New life is a beautiful sign of this love. At Choices, our goal is to show that new life can bring redemption to the young women and men who walk through our doors seeking help. We want to empower young women (and men) to assume responsibility for their actions – to grow up.  But we won’t make them do it alone.

Choices, along with our generous benefactors, offers tangible support like real medical care and baby supplies. And through our Bridges Program, Choices can offer these men and women the spiritual and emotional support they need, by connecting them with churches and small groups that can bridge the gap between our clinic and the body of Christ.

Rise Up, Body of Christ! 

Helping women and babies start with us. We must pray harder, work harder, and love harder. We must stand for what is true! Simply sharing this article with others empowers women, and exposes the evil of Planned Parenthood, making room for the Truth to emerge victorious. 

When you pray for our mission, you offer the spiritual sustenance our staff needs to fight evil of Planned Parenthood’s magnitude. We thank you for these prayers and for your continued support. You are the reason we can keep our doors open and serve this community. Together, let’s take a stand against Planned Parenthood’s diabolical business model and be the generation that ends abortion.