If you are expecting a baby, you might feel overwhelmed at all there is to learn. When the doctor hands you your baby at the hospital and then sends you home, you might think: doesn’t this little bundle come with an instruction manual? Isn’t it dangerous to entrust such a vulnerable baby to me? Is this even legal?

And even the most experienced parents agree: parenting is not easy! For every question answered, a new one takes its place. Your child will trust you and look to you for help, guidance, and protection. This leaves many parents feeling unsure, wondering, am I up for this task?

Whether you are pregnant for the first time, wondering what’s happening to your body, or already have a child at home, Choices Pregnancy Centers have got you covered!

What are LifePath Education Classes?

Don’t make the mistake many parents make of attempting to raise their children alone, without help or support from a caring community. Only you are called to parent your child, no one else can do it. Yet it is important to equip yourself with the resources, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to get you started on the right path. 

Our LifePath classes are designed to equip you with skills and know-how – You are not alone! We are here for you, with educators and medically trained staff, to address your questions and concerns. 

Here are just a few services we offer:

  • Free Advice from a Medical Professional! We have specialty classes that are nurse-led and include question-and-answer sessions and interactive learning.
  • Courses include a wide variety of topics such as pregnancy, labor and delivery, early infant care, prenatal care and nutrition, breastfeeding, fatherhood, money management, and so much more!
  • Courses for both men and women
  • Digital courses available in Spanish
  • Pro Dad Groups! Meet and share your experiences with other soon-to-be dads! Our Pro Dad classes will empower you to be a supportive and loving dad for your family.
  • The potential to earn “Baby Bucks to spend on the necessary baby items you need, such as toys, car seats, cribs, and more, at Choices Baby Boutiques!

Join a LifePath Class Near You!

We offer classes at all three Choices locations, call the location nearest you for class schedules and availability. We also offer free ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, low-cost STD testing, and much more. 

At Choices, we care about empowering you with knowledge and facts–but we also care about you and your baby! Our staff is medically trained, caring, and professional, and we are here to offer the support you need. Call or make an appointment today!