In 2019, Planned Parenthood attacked Arizona’s pro-life laws (particularly the 24-hour waiting period, meeting with a physician before the procedure, etc.). At that time, Alliance Defending Freedom contacted Choices about intervening in the case to help defend the laws. We proudly agreed to participate. In November 2020, Planned Parenthood withdrew the case, citing “no clear path to victory.”

Fast forward to Wednesday of this week, when I received a call from Kevin Theriot, Senior Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, asking me the same question I received three years prior: “Would Choices be willing to participate?” And again, we said, “Yes!

Below is a recap from Kevin Theriot regarding the situation today (confidential information has been omitted), and there’s some big news about our very own Medical Director, Dr. Eric Hazelrigg!

“Before the Supreme Court fabricated a right to abortion in Roe v. Wade in 1973, Arizona only allowed abortion to preserve the life of the mother. After Roe was decided, an Arizona state court in Pima County entered an order prohibiting enforcement of that law. It remained dormant but still on the books for the past 50 years.

Two weeks ago, the current Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, asked the court to withdraw that order (referred to as an injunction) and allow Arizona’s law prohibiting almost all abortions to go back into effect because Roe was overturned by the Dobbs case. The AG’s office asked me (Kevin) if Choices would help defend the law. The primary way we are attempting to do that is with Dr. Hazelrigg being appointed as the representative of all Arizona unborn children. Remarkably, the original judge back in 1973 appointed just such a guardian to protect their interests. That original representative has since passed away, so we’ve asked the Court to substitute Dr. Hazelrigg for him.

If the Court denies that request, Choices, and Dr. Hazelrigg have asked the court for permission to intervene in the case to help defend it.”

Kevin Theriot serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where he works to defend life and protect medical rights of conscience. Choices is proud to fight the battle alongside him.

The War is Not Yet Won

As of right now, four abortion clinics have resumed offering abortions (one providing late term abortions) in the state of Arizona, with more planning to reopen soon. After the Dobbs decision, many clinics halted performing abortions out of fear of legal reprocussions, including Planned Parenthood Arizona. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to educate the community about the life-saving work of Choices.

Choices offers real women’s healthcare – care that doesn’t depend on flawed legislation. In response to the continuing operations of these four clinics, Choices is pleased to announce some very important news. With three fully operation clinics in the greater Phoenix area, we now have plans to open a fourth location this November!

Help Us Show Phoenix a Greater Love

The women who visit Choices need real healthcare, support, and options. More than that, they need to be shown Greater Love. Opening a fourth medical clinic is our response to the local fight against the preborn, and we need your help.  

This fourth clinic was not in our original budget this year. However, our partnership with Dream City Church through the Choices Bridges Program has allowed us to make this happen. While these generous benefactors have helped to fund the initial facility costs, Choices still carries the burden of financially supporting a full staff and other operational costs associated with an independent medical clinic like this. 

This presents a unique opportunity for you to get involved! You can directly support women and babies in our area by offering your financial support of this endeavor. It’s a chance for you to be a part of showing Phoenix a Greater Love at a time when it matters most. Will you join us?

Choices has always had the vision of expanding our facilities to serve more of our Phoenix communities. Stay in touch with us to support these efforts, and to follow along as we plan the opening of our newest location! 

Warm Regards,