Wednesday night, after a successful micro event aimed at spreading the message and needs of Choices, Charlie Kirk began his Freedom Night opening speech by endorsing Choices Pregnancy Centers and praising the mission we have set out to fulfill.

“First off, I just want to reiterate how awesome Dream City is and Choices is. Choices is doing such important work – it really is – and we just had a really nice event just in the other room here and I’m going to kind of touch on some of the same points I said there.”

The Role of the Church

Charlie then went on to speak about the importance of the Church and Christians everywhere in the pro-life fight:

“In a post-Roe America, it is on us as Christians and believers to make sure that every single woman who is pregnant in Arizona knows that there are options available that is not Planned Parenthood, that are not these abortion clinics and Choices is doing such a wonderful job and so we’re going to support them in any way we possibly can. And [we’re] just so honored to be partnered with you guys. You do such amazing work.”

We, too, believe that the role of the Church is crucial when it comes to the care of the women and babies in our communities. 4 in 10 women who have had an abortion were churchgoers when they ended their pregnancy.[1] This means that Churches have a huge opportunity to impact the lives of these women who are suffering silently.

Every single woman deserves to know the love of the community around her and the love of Jesus.

Becoming a Father

Charlie went on to talk about his own experience in becoming a father. A couple of weeks ago, Charlie and his wife Erika welcomed their own baby girl. (They had decided to keep the pregnancy to themselves until they announced the arrival of “GK” almost a week later.) Charlie spoke about how “everyone always says that ‘it’s [having a baby] going to change your life.’ And it’s one thing to hear that, but then when you’re life actually gets changed it’s like ‘woah… wow.’”

As he steps into his new role of father, Charlie stated that his “why” for fighting for our Constitutional Freedoms and for Life itself, has greatly shifted. Now, he finds himself more motivated “to fight harder, to do more, and to win.”

Charlie Kirk & Seth Gruber

Charlie ended his opening speech by announcing that next month, Seth Gruber, author of the UnAborted Podcast, will be sitting down with Charlie at Freedom Night to discuss all things Roe v. Wade and abortion.

Charlie claims Seth Gruber is one of the top 5 experts on abortion and has tasked everyone attending next month’s Freedom Night to bring a pro-abortion friend to come ask any questions they want.

Freedom Night will be hosted at Dream City Church on October 5th, and Charlie will be honoring Choices Pregnancy Centers again.

As Choices continues to expand our operations and our “Bridges” Program with Churches throughout the Greater Phoenix Area, we are so excited to have Dream City Church, Charlie Kirk, and Turning Point USA alongside us in this Post-Roe battle for LIFE.

Watch the FULL VIDEO here.