18,050 days. That’s how long this country endured the horror of Roe . . . and on Friday, June 24, 2022, it ended! The abortion decision finally sits where it’s always belonged—squarely on the shoulders of the states.

In this year alone, your generosity brought these life-saving services to our community.

💙 Expanded hours
💙 Additional ultrasound machines
💙 Full-time nurses in every center
💙 The launch of our Abortion Pill Rescue program (APR)
💙 The growth of our post-abortive recovery program (Hope & Healing)
💙 The launch of our STI/STD program

– Marc Burmich, Choices CEO


Expanding Hours

After the Dobbs decision, more women than ever before needed real healthcare in the Greater Phoenix area.

We expanded our hours to evenings and Saturdays in order to make ourselves available outside of normal work hours.


Women deserve better. They deserve love, safety, and real healthcare. And these women are looking for answers online.

In order to rival Planned Parenthood’s predatory marketing tactics, Choices is stopping at nothing to reach these women where they’re at online. We are seeking a genuine relationship with them, answering their questions in a pro-life, loving way on Instagram and TikTok, and other social platforms.


In 2022, Choices made the decision to hire a pro-life marketing firm to help us expand our digital reach.

After only 9 months, Choices has seen a 361% increase in our social media followers, allowing us to reach more women who need our services.

With more than 4.74 billion people using social media in the world today, Choices is staying relevant and available to young women who need real healthcare.

We’ve enlisted peer-to-peer marketing in which young women share pro-life and reproductive healthcare facts.

Planned Parenthood has over 125 pages of MISinformation on their website. We’re fighting back with our own informative and educational blogs.

With topics like, “What To Do When Faced With an Unplanned Pregnancy” and “How to Reverse the Effects of The Abortion Pill”, we’re offering young women a place to find Truth.

In addition to our digital marketing efforts, Choices has plans to expand our reach through billboard advertising in the Greater Phoenix area, specifically on routes headed towards California’s ‘sanctuary cities.’

Anchor in The East Valley

Announcing Choices’ Fourth Location

For over 40 years, Choices has served the East Valley. Recently, two ministry partners stepped forward and helped secure a building for Choices. The responsibility is now ours to steward this generous partnership and pay off this new anchor for life in the east valley.

Right now, we are turning women away at our current Mesa facility because we simply do not have the room for them. This new facility will increase our capacity from 6 counseling rooms to 11 and add an additional 2,000 sq. ft. of usable space.

No woman should be turned away, especially when their visit could potentially save a life.

North Phoenix Medical Center

Thanks to our partnership with Dream City Church, Choices has been able to secure a fourth location in North Phoenix.

This mutually supportive ministry relationship fills a gap in pro-life healthcare, since there is no other pregnancy resource center or abortion facility within a 10 mile radius of this location.

This allows Choices to step in and save lives.

We still need a number of items to help us open our North Phoenix location by January.

Please consider making a donation and helping grow this ministry to more women in the Valley.

Thank you, Dream City Church, for your support of women and babies in the Greater Phoenix Area. Your partnership has made it possible for us to open a 4th location, but further support is needed to continue to bring Choices’ services to North Phoenix.

Since 1983, more than 10,000 babies have been saved. Your tax-deductible gift can help us staff this new clinic, saving the lives countless babies, and offering women the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Special Thanks to Our Ministry Partners!

Women Deserve Better. Babies Deserve a Chance.