Charitable Gift Annuity

As an investor, it can be frustrating and tiring to be at the mercy of the shifting stock and housing markets. It is especially frustrating when you are not sure whether these fluctuating values will enable you to support your favorite charities at the level that you might like to.

However, there is a way to donate to Choices that guarantees you a steady income stream for the rest of your life while protecting yourself from uncertainties in the market. The way to do this is through a charitable gift annuity.

How a charitable gift annuity works

An effective way to donate to Choices is through a charitable gift annuity. This is an attractive choice for those who want to make a sizable charitable gift, but still need to maintain an income stream from their investments during their lifetimes. While annuity contracts can have many special conditions, an annuity basically follows this structure:

  • You donate money or assets to Choices as part of an annuity contract.
  • In return for gifting your assets to Choices, Choices agrees to manage them in a way that provides you with regular payments to you for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live.
  • Depending on your age, the payout may be considerable, particularly if you live a long time.
  • Some of your income may be tax-free.
  • The donation component of the annuity will qualify as a charitable income tax deduction at the time you enter the annuity contract.
  • When you pass away (or the terms of the annuity are otherwise met, such as at the passing away of your spouse), Choices is entitled to the remaining value of the assets.

Your annuity payment will be tax-free to an extent if you elect to finance the annuity with cash. However, you can also use appreciated securities to finance the annuity and partially avoid capital gains tax. If you have any alternative assets that you think you would like to utilize to support a charitable donation annuity, please get in touch with us.

Benefits of a charitable gift annuity

  • Get regular income for the rest of your life and/or for another annuitant you choose, such as a spouse or child.
  • Take advantage of a charitable deduction from your taxes.
  • Your donation will help Choices continue its essential mission.

Additional Information

Annuities can be structured in different ways. Depending upon what you need, your annuity payments can begin immediately, or you can arrange for payments to begin at a future date, such as when you retire. Either way, you will be able to take advantage of a charitable tax deduction for your current gift. If you opt to defer the payments, the value of your initial donation will have time to appreciate, and your payments will be higher.

Contact us

Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries concerning the benefits of charitable gift annuities. We would be pleased to help you and respond to your inquiries. With a charitable gift annuity, you can feel good knowing that you’re contributing to the success of our organization, while still taking care of yourself in your later years.

Everything you need to know.

Ok, maybe not everything, but it’s a good start. Contact us, we’d love to help.

Everything you need know.

Everything you need to know. (Ok, maybe not everything, but it’s a good start.) Contact us, we’d love to help.