Facing an unplanned or untimely pregnancy can leave you feeling confused and unsure about what your options are. 84% of women who have had abortions later report that they felt they didn't receive adequate information prior to their abortion.

We want you to be empowered with all the information you need to make an informed decision.  Your Client Advocate will explain how abortions are performed, the physical and emotional effects you may experience, and the risks associated with abortion procedures.  

You are not alone - Choices is a safe space where you can talk freely about your fears and hopes in a caring and confidential environment.  

Although some women may say, "I couldn't carry my baby for nine months only to give it away:, making an adoption plan is an option that can create a win-win situation for you, your baby and the adoptive parents.  Financial help during your pregnancy may be provided, and your day to day life can continue as usual while pregnant.  After delivery, you continue your future plans to finish school or pursue career goals.  As a birth mother, you get to choose the type of family you want to entrust your baby to, and decide how much contact you want, if any.  You can have the honor of giving the gift of family to a couple who longs for, but is unable to have, children.   Your client advocate can connect you with an adoption counselor who will provide a free, no-obligation consultation with you, during which you can get the information you need and support you through the decision-making process and beyond.

Even if you didn't have healthy parental role models, we can  equip you with the tools, classes and material support you need for successful parenting.  Our LifePath Parenting classes will help you learn how to be an effective parent and how to create a safe, nurturing home environment where your child can thrive.

Very nice visit! I felt comfortable and understood!
— Tempe Client

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